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We need to find innovative solutions to the great problems of today to make them the opportunities of the future.

Creative Innovation 2013 Asia Pacific will deliver world class creative ideas and pragmatic solutions. It will offer credible forecasts, strategies and practices to help transform you and the leadership of organisations.

Join big and small business, entrepreneurs, educators, creative and government leaders, emerging talent and leading thinkers from around the World, Asia and Australia.

This is a must-attend event for everyone seeking fresh insights, ideas, tools and connections.

Ci2013 Speakers

Bjorn Lomborg (Czech Republic)
Environmentalist, author:
Cool it and The Skeptical Environmentalist
Bjorn Lomborg
Peggy Liu (China)
International sustainability expert on greening China
Peggy Liu
Bunker Roy (India)
Founder Barefoot College
Bunker Roy
Linda Yueh (UK)
Chief Business
Correspondent BBC
Linda Yueh
Professor Stephen Heppell (UK)
Digital Education Leader, learning futurist
Stephen Heppell
Jon Duschinsky (Canada)
Social innovator, global cage rattler, change agent, author: (me)volution
Jon Duschinsky
Scott Anthony (Singapore)
Strategic transformation and innovation expert
Scott Anthony
Jason Drew (South Africa)
Serial entrepreneur, passionate environmentalist, futurist
Jason Drew
Cyriel Kortleven (Belgium)
Inspiring speaker, author: Less is Beautiful, Master of Interaction
Cyriel Kortleven
Lisa Paul AO
Secretary, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Lisa Paul AO
Michael Rennie
Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company
Michael Rennie
Dr Alan Finkel AM
Chancellor Monash University, President ATSE
Dr Alan Finkel AM
Rufus Black
Ethicist, theologian, Master Ormond College, University of Melbourne
Rufus Black
Carol Schwartz AM
Eminent business leader and philanthropist
Carol Schwartz AM
Deborah Cheetham
Indigenous cultural leader
Deborah Cheetham
Richard Bolt
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Richard Bolt
Doron Ben Meir
CEO Commercialisation Australia, serial entrepreneur
Doron Ben Meir

Ci2013 Conference Highlights

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  • OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved On Bloomberg TV’s “In The Loop”

    On his recent visit to the US, OurCrowd CEO Jonathan Medved was featured on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop” in three separate segments.

    In the interview, Jon speaks with Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi, and Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, about the outlook for autonomous cars, the revamped Q7 sport-utility vehicle and the U.S. luxury-car market.

    Watch the interview here

  • Put disruption to good use

    By: Tania de Jong

    ONCE-POWERFUL industries – retailing, print, television, music, the post, insurance, taxis, travel agents, even parts of governments – are in a state of upheaval and strategic uncertainty as they grapple with swarms of nimble, low-cost digital disruptors stealing chunks of their business or rendering them increasingly irrelevant. Many people are predicting this will be the year of disruption.

    Read the full article here!

  • Disruption by Design

    By: Todd Olsen

    Proposing that design innovation – not technological innovation – is what disrupts business and industries.

    The idea of disruptive technology has been with us since Clayton Christensen released The Innovators Dilemma in 1997. Since then, we have seen not only major companies disrupted, but entire industries. We have observed incredible disruption in a very short time, but can we learn from this history how to reliably cause disruption?

    Read the full article here!

  • 8 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail

    By: Tansel Ali

    A new year has begun. New goals, dreams and vision of a better self are on the cards. Yet most resolutions end up as illusions, as millions fail in the bid to achieve what they initially wanted to. A new beginning, a better ‘me’, ends up being the same old tune sung every year.

    Here are 8 reasons why your new year’s resolution will most likely fail. Miserably.

    Read the full article here!

  • Build an Innovation Engine in 90 days

    By: Scott D. Anthony, David S. Duncan and Pontus M.A. Siren
    Harvard Business Review

    Spotlight on Innovation on the Fly. Get a reliable system up and running fast.

    Practically every company innovates. But few do so in an orderly reliable way. In far too many organizations, the big breakthroughs happen despite the company. Successful innovations typically follow invisible development paths and require acts of individual heroism or a heavy dose of serendipity. Successive efforts to jump-start innovation through, say, hack-a-thons, cash prizes for inventive concepts, and on-again, off-again task forces frequently prove fruitless. Great ideas remain captive in the heads of employees, innovation initiatives take way too long, and the ideas that are developed are not necessarily the best efforts or the best fit with strategic priorities…

    Download the full article here!

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