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We need to find innovative solutions to the great problems of today to make them the opportunities of the future.

Ci2015 will feature over 40 global leaders, innovators and thinkers and deliver world class creative ideas and pragmatic solutions. It will offer credible forecasts, strategies and practices to help transform you and the leadership of organisations.

Join big and small business, educators, entrepreneurs, creative and government leaders, emerging talent and leading thinkers from around the World.

This is a must-­attend event for everyone seeking fresh insights, ideas, tools and connections.

23 – 25 MARCH, 2015
Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Australia


Dr Peter Diamandis (USA)
Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation; recently named one of "The World's 50 Greatest Leaders" by Fortune Magazine
Dr Peter Diamandis (USA)
Nolan Bushnell (USA)
Founder, Atari; co-creator of GPS and touch-screen technology
Nolan Bushnell (USA)
Dan Millmann (USA)
Author: "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" and expert on mindfulness
Dan Millmann (USA)
Scott Anthony (Singapore)
Managing Partner Innosight; Strategy and disruptive innovation expert; Harvard Business Author
Scott Anthony (Singapore)
Dr Ernesto Sirolli (USA)
Founder of the Sirolli Institute, the global authority on bottom up economic development
Ernesto Sirolli (USA)
Joyce Phillips
Group Managing Director of ANZ Global Wealth
Joyce Phillips
Dr Tim Flannery
One of Australia's best-known scientists and environmentalists and best-selling author
Dr Tim Flannery
Matt Barrie
CEO and Chairman of, a global online outsourcing marketplace; award-winning Australian technology entrepreneur
Matt Barrie
Steve Vamos
Director Telstra; Chairman Reading Room; technology and leadership expert
Steve Vamos
Professor Linda Kristjanson
Vice-Chancellor and President of Swinburne University
Professor Linda Kristjanson
Dr Larry Marshall (USA)
Managing Director of Southern Cross Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Sydney, specializing in growing Australia technology companies in Asia & USA
Dr Larry Marshall



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  • Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific – Theme Abstract

    Human Intelligence 2.0 – Thriving in the Age of Acceleration

    “Things are getting better and better and worse and worse, faster and faster, simultaneously.” Tom Atlee

    Never before has one species been able to conquer or impact so many elements on Earth so dramatically. We are accelerating into the future. The rate of change continues to astonish us, and the awesome power of human ingenuity enables us to make what was once consigned to the pages of science fiction novels reality.

    But, the increased progress is creating a parallel sense of existential dread. Are we the masters of our future? Will we set the direction for the economy and the environment? Will we set out the nature of the ethical society we want to live in?  Or will events and mistakes overtake us?

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  • Australia launches machine-learning centre to decrypt the personal genome

    Cosmos Magazine

    When it made the cover of Time magazine 16 years ago, the human genome project promised a new era of precision medicine: each person’s health care would be customized to their genetic blueprint. Some critics have quipped that so far, the impact on medicine has been minor.

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  • Facing up to digital disruption: Reinventing the core with bold business strategy

    McKinsey & Co

    Going digital is now a core strategy for many organizations around the world. Our new research sheds light on how digital is slicing across industries and the potential approaches companies can take to integrate digital where it makes the most sense for their business. In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, McKinsey senior partner Paul Willmott and senior expert Laura LaBerge speak with McKinsey Publishing’s David Schwartz about ways companies can think about digitization within their sector and the potential impact of their digital strategies on the bottom line.

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  • Creative Innovation 2016 post-conference recommendations paper for Australia’s Future

    Prepared by Terry Barnes, policy consultant and media commentator

    The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “the only constant of life is change”. How right he was.
    But the pace of change Heraclitus would have experienced several thousand years ago is glacial compared to what we experience today. Technologically, economically and politically, the world of 2017 is light years removed from the world of fifty years ago, let alone the world immediately before the Industrial and Communications Revolutions.

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  • Falling for robots. What happens when androids are allowed in the bedroom?


    A group of academics is now warning about the harm sex robots could pose to women and children. Robots are also depicted in the UK series Humans. Futurist Martin Ford was recently in Australia for the Creative Innovation conference. The film ‘Her’ told the story of a man who fell in love with his smartphone OS.

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