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Is artificial intelligence and accelerating technologies going to improve our lives, or doom the human race? 

Tuesday 8th November 7.00 – 10.30pm
Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Grand Ballroom
25 Collins Street, Melbourne

This special dinner will excite and inspire you with fine food, wine, a world class Q & A featuring leading innovators, scientists and futurists and entertainment including  sensational songsters Pot-Pourri and the With One Voice choirs. The Q&A will feature Scott Anthony (Singapore), Dr Daniel Kraft (USA), Martin Ford (USA), Patrycja Slawuta (USA), Dr Alan Finkel (Australia), Professor Michelle Simmons (Australia) and other disruptive guests. The Gala Dinner Q&A will be moderated by Alan Kohler. A number of the Ci2016 speakers will attend the event as VIP guests and host partner and corporate tables. Bookings are now open for individual tickets and corporate tables.

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OR contact (03) 9645 9858 to book individual tickets and tables.

Tickets cost $250 per person
Tables of 10 $2500
Corporate VIP tables $5000 (This includes a $2,500 tax-deductible donation to Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program supporting disadvantaged participants, prime position and the opportunity to have one of our extraordinary Ci2016 guest presenters seated at your table – up to 11 places including guest)

This dinner will support Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program. Donations received will go towards supporting the participation of disadvantaged people in the life-changing With One Voice social inclusion programs. Creativity Australia supports isolated people. Loneliness is the global epidemic of our times and leads to mental and physical health issues and economic disadvantage. More than 2 in 5 people feel socially isolated and unheard. Creativity Australia’s inspirational programs support people dealing with depression, disabilities, unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence, ageing and migrant status to feel a sense of belonging and connect to their community.

Please do be inspired by Tania de Jong’s TED Talk – watch to the end to see some of the transformational outcomes TEDx Talk: How Singing Together Changes The Brain


Is artificial intelligence and accelerating technologies going to improve our lives, or doom the human race?
Moderated by Alan Kohler

On the improve side AI and accelerating technologies will:

  • Drive unprecedented advantages and draw health information from worldwide databases that will help doctors diagnose and cure rare diseases
  • Improve energy management, thereby improving energy efficiency
  • Manage ground vehicle traffic flows and air traffic flows to permit much greater densities of traffic without reaching congestion limits
  • Make disorganized people more organized
  • Keep the elderly, the infirm or the bored entertained through virtual reality formats of entertainment and enable us to travel anywhere
  • Enable us to develop new ways to deal with the increased isolation and loneliness that is driving up suicide and depression rates in many countries
  • Allow us to communicate with machines through natural language and gestures, thereby taking our personal productivity up another notch

On the doom side AI will:

  • Obviate the comparative advantages of humans, making us nothing more than billions of ants to a more highly evolved species
  • Dramatically widen the gulf between the haves and have-nots.
  • Replace human intimacy and relationships (Think the ‘HER’ film)
  • Put us all out of work thereby undermining our self-worth
  • Increase our isolation, loneliness, depression and suicide rates
  • Enable terrorists to blow the world apart

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