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Why Ci2016?

What Delegates Say?

Feedback for Ci2016: 

“Creative Innovation is where brilliant minds bring their big hearts to build bridges between today and a better tomorrow. Hands down one of the most insightful conferences. A must attend.”
Patrycja Slawuta, Founder Self Hackathon 

“Our team really enjoyed opening our minds, learning new things and meeting some fantastic people. It was great to feel a part of such an exciting movement. I also loved the personal touch you bought to it, thank you. Your With One Voice group were inspiring and added such a great element to the conference.”
Caitlin McCarthy, Human Synergistics 

“The entire event was excellent. The quality of speakers was world class and I thought the conversational format worked particularly well. Importantly unlike many conferences that lose momentum in the last day/session, I would say that the last session was one of the best.”
Rodd Cunico             

“Creative Innovation 2016 was a fantastic experience that included great speakers and vibrant debate and discussion of the issues and trends that will loom large in the future, together with an emphasis on compassion and the need to be inclusive that I have seen at very few other events.”
Martin Ford, Author ‘Rise of the Robots’

An incredible and insightful event. I doubt that anyone walked away without feeling some level of disturbance but also excitement at what might be possible. The pace of change is something government and society has to really come to grips with to ensure we are ready for the future and we plan and work hard to not leave people behind.”
Jane King, Deputy Commissioner, Design and Change Management, ATO 

“Creative Innovation always delivers the goods. The unique combination of top executives, government officials, thought leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs provides a potent combination of inspiration and insight. If innovation touches your life, it is an absolute must.”
Scott Anthony, Managing Partner, Innosight 

“Inspiring conference!  My thinking was stretched and I was also hugely inspired by the With One Voice choir and the work you are doing.”
Corinne Canter, Human Synergistics    

“I was absolutely blown away with the entire conference- the organisation, the people, the venue, the quality of presenters, the delegates, the entertainment and the energy during the entire event. I am still left breathless from the experience and it has left me very energised, motivated and positive about the future. I am extremely glad to have met you and to witness how you can inspire others. It has only been a very short time since the conference, but I am overjoyed with the possibilities that it is opening up. I had previously seen your TEDx talk about social inclusion through One Voice, but to see how you engaged the audience during the conference was awe inspiring. Your performances were so beautiful – you truly have found your voice and sing like angel. At the closure of the event, you had me leave with a tear in my eye out of gratitude and inspiration. You should be extremely proud of your amazing accomplishments.”
Matthew Bowtell, Senior Engineer, Toyota Australia 

“The event was fantastic and I personally learnt lots from the content presented and we made so many important connections for our organisation. The speakers were excellent, diverse, and friendly. Your warm and positive energy was felt throughout the three days – you were absolutely great.”
Rez Haremi, Essential Need