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Why Ci2016?

Why Attend?

Ci2016 will:

  1. Feature over 40 world class Australian and international keynote speakers, futurists, leaders, innovators and artists
  2. Highlight risks,opportunities and global megatrends that affect business and society in these uncertain times throughout Australia, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.
  3. Provide insights and techniques for unlocking personal and organisational creativity and exponential thinkingthat will inspire your leadership in times of complexity and prepare you for change
  4. Deliver strategies, structures and processesfor creating transformation, greater organizational performance, agility, productivity and wellbeing
  5. Showcase the world’s best practice solutions and ideasfor the development of sustainable and innovative futures for community, business and government
  6. Bring together leaders and emerging talent to discover cross-disciplinary solutionsthat will make a difference in your life, organisation and community
  7. Offer outstanding networking and business opportunities

Why you must attend Ci2016

This is the one event that you must attend and send people to, because it is all about managing disruption, caused by new business models associated with the internet, technology and globalisation. This is probably the greatest threat your organisation will face within the next 5 years. Virtually every business and institution is threatened and yet disruption can also provide extraordinary opportunities for sustainable growth.

Understanding and being comfortable with disruption is a competitive advantage.

Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific is the premier future-shaping conference in the region for anyone who cares about creativity, innovation, growth and change. Ci2016 will deliver world class creative leadership and pragmatic solutions. It will offer authoritative forecasts, strategies and practices to help transform you and your organisational leadership. 

Participants, Partners, Speakers all learn and grow in their ability to develop individual and organisational success, implement ideas and transfer knowledge across sectors. They will develop meaningful skills, important connections, learn how to deal with disruption and hear relevant case studies of success at a global level.

Ci2015 was named Corporate Event of the Year in the Australian Event Awards.

Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific

Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific will bring together delegates from all sectors to discuss the challenges that impact global business and society, digital disruption, growth and sustainability issues facing the uncertain global business environments, learning institutions and workplaces of the future and best practice for leaders and organisations in a super­-connected world.

We believe the program will have enormous relevance in the current uncertain environment. Ci2016 offers an outstanding learning and professional development opportunity and will give your organisation, your people and your stakeholders and clients knowledge, tools and networks in the innovation space.

There are world class speakers from the business, technology, science, innovation, education, health and research areas and topics of relevance at a community, super­-regional and global perspective.

Ci2015 attracted over 900 participants across the conference, deep conversations, master classes and Gala Dinner. The conference delegates included CEOs and Directors of major ASX-­listed companies, owners of SMEs, executives from health, banking, finance, advertising, arts, media, education, industry and government sectors. There were also a number of emerging leaders involved in the conversation. Over 40% of delegates were from regional areas and interstate and there were also a number of international delegates in attendance.


Ci2016 will help you deal with disruption and inspire greater creative thinking and innovative behaviours and cultures. It will  unlock the ideas and imagination of participants and inspire your leadership to achieve greater success. This will create a significant ripple effect through individuals and organisations to enhance the growing momentum of creative disruption in our society. Participants will be at the leading edge of this movement.

This is not an event for long drawn out presentations. It is an event for interactive, thought leaders to provide a launching pad for new opportunities and innovative futures. There are a maximum of 900 delegate places at the conference. This is regarded as the leading innovation event in the Southern Hemisphere.

The event has been proven to transform thinking and inspire excellence in innovation. The result is an expanded creative understanding and broader world view.

“For a business person, the numbers are the measure of success. If we don’t have the numbers, that’s the end of the conversation. But if we don’t have the conversations that’s the end of the numbers. It’s a paradox.” Yves Bastien, President Sanofi–Synthelabo, Canada

Creative Innovation Hub

The Conference will showcase an incredible range of specialists and innovative people and organisations. The foyer will feature advanced interactive creativity technologies, social media sites and creative artists. It will be a hub for meeting and connecting.

Digital Assets & Production

A major component of the event is a digital assets library with the full presentations at the event. In addition to the event speakers, other presentations are published under the Creative Innovation Global and Creative Universe brands and provide a rich library of Australian and global thought leadership.

These assets will provide an ongoing interactive resource for partner organisations to leverage innovative, thought leadership content to help their teams advance creative and innovative outcomes. The assets will be distributed through television, online hubs, event website, event partner education and organisational development programs.

Marketing, Media & PR

We will be working with all our Partners to maximise the benefits of the event for their employees, clients and other stakeholders.

We have engaged a PR company to maximise the media interest. Since Ci2010 there has been enormous interest throughout all media including TV, radio and press and online which was valued at over $1,000,000 for Ci2015.

There were over 90 editorial media stories generated across television, print media and radio both nationally and internationally. This does not include the massive social media profile the event generated.

This does not include the massive social media profile the event generated. Ci2012 – Ci2015 trended NUMBER ONE on Twitter across Australia during the two key conference days.