Creative Innovation 2019 (Ci2019)


DAY ONE // Monday 1 April

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Master Classes (9:00am – 11:30am) includes morning tea (10:15am – 10:45am)

  • MC 1: Paul Cobban (Singapore) – Building the Best Bank in the World through Culture by Design
  • MC 2: Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK) – What leaders need to know about AI, and the human challenges of leading in the age of AI
  • MC 3: Andrew Horsfield – Amplify your impact – Developing agility to continually evolve
  • MC 4: John Pickering – How behavioural science can help you change the world

Deep Conversation over Lunch (12:00pm – 2:00pm)

Human Intelligence 2.0 – A Collective Future? How will we manage the transition?

With  Lord Adair Turner (UK), Geoff Mulgan CBE (UK), Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK), Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK), Dr Simon Longstaff AO (Australia), Paul Cobban (Singapore)

Moderated by Peter Hunt AM, Investment Banker & engaged Philanthropist; Founder Women’s Community Shelters and Mind Medicine Australia


Early Afternoon Master Classes (2:15pm – 4:45pm)
includes afternoon tea (4:15pm – 4:45pm)

  • MC 5: Dr Etienne Van Der Walt (South Africa) – Using neuroscience to build resilience for high-end innovation
  • MC 6: Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK) – Challenging ethical paradigms for the one or the many: Are democratically informed technologies better?
  • MC 7: Yamini Naidu – Hooked: How to connect, engage and inspire with storytelling
  • MC 8: Dr Richard Claydon (Hong-Kong) – The Future of Culture – How can organisations develop cultures that hardwire innovative behaviour 


Late Afternoon Master Classes (4:45pm – 6:45pm)

  • MC 9: Carl Smith (UK) – Enhance your Cognitive and Creative Capacities; Cross Reality (XR) Experience Design Framework
  • MC 10: Jon Yeo – Talking your truth in times of transition
  • MC 11: Rachel Audigé – Solving wicked social problems – using the problem!

GO GIRL GO GLOBAL (5:00pm – 6:45pm)

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins Ballroom

Supporting the development of STEM and Human Intelligence 2.0 skills in young women across Australia

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DAY TWO // Tuesday 2 April

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8:30amThe Official Opening of Ci2019 with VIPs including The Hon Martin Pakula MP, The Hon Sally Capp, speakers, performers and politicians.

Following this, each session will involve keynote speakers, a scholarship winner (60 seconds) and will be followed by a Q&A/Conversation with the audience.


Plenary 1 – A Collective Future – The REAL Challenges and Opportunities (9:30am)

  • Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia’s Chief Scientist
    What kind of society do we want to be?
  • Lord Adair Turner (UK), Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission; Senior Fellow of the Institute for New Economic Thinking
    Meeting the challenge of radical automation potential
  • Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK), Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Oxford Insights
    What everyone in your organisation needs to know about AI, and why AI means we need to change the way we lead
  • Dr Geoff Mulgan CBE (UK), Chief Executive of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA)
    Collective Intelligence – how to combine the best of human and artificial intelligence?
  • Provocateur – Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Research Leader on Australia’s AI Roadmap and Ethics Framework Project, CSIRO’s Data61


Plenary 2 – Sexy Robots – Feeling, Loving and Working (11:30am)

  • Liesl Yearsley (USA), CEO and Co-founder, A.Kin
    Human-AI Co-evolution 
  • Professor Toby Walsh, Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of New South Wales
    The future of work in a world of AI and robots
  • Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK), Professor of Ethics, Culture of Robots and AI, De Montfort University
    A dystopia in the making? – the rise and rise of ethics of robotics and AI
  • Provocateur: Dr Charles Day, CEO of the Office of Innovation and Science Australia


HOT SPOTS (2:00pm)

Grab a delicious lunch, connect with someone new and then join a HOT SPOT conversation with some of our speakers and other experts.


Exponential Conversation Plenary 3: Work 2.0 – Learning to Adapt (2:50pm)

  • Professor Jane Den Hollander AO, Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University
  • Melinda Cilento, CEO, Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)
  • Nicole Cook, CEO, Jobs for NSW
  • Provocateur: Seckin Ungur, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

  • What jobs will remain?
  • What capabilities and skills will we need?
  • How can leaders and organisations adapt, respond, re-invent and transition in world of accelerating change?

Technology does not innovate, people do. If what we have today is a function of what we do or have done, and what we do is a function of how we think, what thinking or mindset shift will be needed to transform our business, government, health and education institutions and the way they work?

In this session, leaders from a variety of backgrounds will discuss the challenges of automation and jobs and skills of the future. They will explore the new mindsets needed if we are to transform our institutions, economy and society to be one that best positions us for continued prosperity in rapidly changing and uncertain times.


Day Two Concludes (5:00pm)


Sofitel Melbourne On Collins Ballroom 25 Collins Street Melbourne

Q&A: Capitalism and Democracy: Do they have a future?

Fine food, wine, a Grand Disruptive Debate featuring Chief Provocateur Lord Adair Turner (UK), Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK), Kim Williams AM, Sam Mostyn and other speakers to be announced. The evening will also feature world class entertainment, sensational songsters Pot-Pourri and the With One Voice choirs.

This dinner will support people suffering from loneliness, depression and isolation through Creativity Australia’s life-changing With One Voice program.

Read more about the Gala Dinner

DAY THREE // Wednesday 3 April

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Plenary 4 – Innovating at Scale – Reinventing large Organisations, Government and Democracy (8:45am)

  • Bureaucratic inertia vs incumbency and brand power: Is technology working for or against our large organisations
  • How do major organisations inoculate themselves against catastrophic disruption?
  • Entrepreneurism vs Intrapreneurism – Innovating from within
  • What does disruption mean in the context of Government service delivery?
  • Is technological change undermining or reinforcing our democratic systems?

Technological advancement has seen the rise and fall of many large organisations. Some have effectively reinvented themselves – challenging the stereotypical image of ponderous bureaucracies. Our public institutions and democracy itself, are also not immune from the impacts of new technologies.

These presenters will explore some of the disruptive forces bearing down on our largest companies and institutions and consider various approaches to thriving in the face of rapidly changing customer and societal expectations.

  • Paul Cobban (Singapore), Chief Data & Transformation Officer, DBS
    World’s First Invisible Bank
  • Jane King, Deputy Commissioner, Design and Change Management Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • Kim Williams AM,Chairman, Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company (The Reuters Trustees); Chair, The Copyright Agency & Commissioner, Australian Football
  • Provocateur: Doron Ben-Meir, Vice-Principal Enterprise, Chancellery Executive of the University of Melbourne


Plenary 5 – Intelligence 2.0 – An augmented future (11:00am)

  • Dr Etienne Van Der Walt (South Africa), Co-founder and CEO, Neurozone
    Fundamentals 101: Preparing the brain for the future of work
  • Carl Smith (UK), Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) and Principal Research Fellow at Ravensbourne University London
    Reality Hacking as Intelligence Augmentation


  • Ray Kurzweil (USA), Director of Engineering at Google; world leading inventor, thinker, futurist, and best-selling author
    The Future of Intelligence, Artificial and Natural
  • Provocateurs: Michael Pope, Master of CeremoniesTania de Jong AM, Founder Creative Universe, Creativity Australia & Creative Innovation Global


HOT SPOTS (1.45pm)

Subject matter HOT SPOTS around the Sofitel with selected speakers and provocateurs. Choose your area of interest and join a circle discussion.


Plenary 6 – How will we manage the transition? (2:40pm)

  • David Gonski AC (Australia), Chairman, ANZ Bank; Chancellor, UNSW; President, Art Gallery of NSW
    How do we transition humans and business in a world of AI?
  • Professor Rufus Black (Australia), Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania
    Why a futures agenda will fail if we don’t restore the centrality of place
  • Dr Simon Longstaff AO (Australia), Executive Director, The Ethics Centre
    Closing Keynote
  • Provocateur: Tania de Jong AM, Founder Creative Universe, Creativity Australia & Creative Innovation Global



Ci2019 CONCLUDES (6:00pm)

"Without a doubt the best conference in Australia with a delightful mix of creativity and big thinking bringing together an eclectic group of industry, community and education leaders. Once again, I’ve come away enthused by new ideas, more aware of future trends, and heartened by the kindness of humanity. We all have a role to play and it should be a collective one." Kerry Anderson, Founder of Operation Next Gen

"Conferences are boring. Creative Innovation is more like a rodeo for ideas, and you are guaranteed to leave wanting to make the world better for everyone." Andrew Despi, A.kin

"Kudos to Tania for organising the the 2019 CI Conference in Melbourne - it is the best I have attended so far. All the speakers and sessions were very well-planned. I have attended many conferences and this is the first I did not have the 'luxury' to skip any sessions. Your effort in this space has truly made Melbourne a global innovation and entrepreneurship hub." Danny Ong, Deakin University

"I wanted to pass along how incredible I thought Creative Innovation was and how much your passion for life and for humanity was inspiring to all of us. It was a privilege to be included and one that I am very grateful for." John Pickering, Chief Behavioural Scientist

"Creative Innovation is a transformational platform built by changemakers for changemakers. It is an educational adventure showcasing the forefront of ideas internationally." Melissa Warner, Ci2019 Scholarship Winner & Education Officer, Mind Medicine Australia

"Creative Innovation 2019 was one of the most well-organised events I’ve ever taken part in. From beginning to the end, every detail had been planned through and taken care of. Secondly, are the production values. As a result, it was possible to attend all the sessions without suffering conference burn-out, happy in the knowledge that the next piece of content was guaranteed to delight and challenge the senses." Richard Claydon (Singapore)

"Well done on another successful Ci conference. Your energy, passion and sheer determination to ensure the conference delegates get a fantastic experience is admirable." VP People & Global Capability | P&GC, Woodside Energy


There are a host of incredible opportunities to partner with us on this world class innovation event. If you are interested in becoming a partner or creative collaborator for the upcoming conference, please contact:

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Tel: +61 (0)3 8679 6000

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“Remarkable, mind blowing, brilliantly choreographed – easily the best conference ever and I’ve been to plenty. Truly wonderful and amazing.”

Jim Grant, Partner, Dattner Grant

“Thank you for a challenging and rewarding couple of days. The quality of the team you had at the conference was extraordinary! These events will change people and thereby the world.”

Craig Carolan, Director Private Wealth, ANZ

“I came to learn – I came away inspired! Best conference ever.”

Paul Duldig, University of Melbourne