Creative Innovation 2019 (Ci2019)

What Delegates Say?

Feedback for Ci2019:

“Without a doubt the best conference in Australia with a delightful mix of creativity and big thinking bringing together an eclectic group of industry, community and education leaders. Once again, I’ve come away enthused by new ideas, more aware of future trends, and heartened by the kindness of humanity. We all have a role to play and it should be a collective one.” Kerry Anderson, Founder of Operation Next Gen

“Conferences are boring. Creative Innovation is more like a rodeo for ideas, and you are guaranteed to leave wanting to make the world better for everyone.” Andrew Despi, A.kin

“The session on the future of work with my fellow women panellists was interesting and thought provoking and generated an excellent conversation.  Thank you for the invitation.” Professor Jane den Hollander AO, Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University

“Kudos to Tania for organising the the 2019 CI Conference in Melbourne – it is the best I have attended so far. All the speakers and sessions were very well-planned. I have attended many conferences and this is the first I did not have the ‘luxury’ to skip any sessions. It is also refreshing to see Tania, as the conference organiser, to be very hands-on in terms of offering her insights, facilitating discussions and enchanting attendees with her songs! Many thanks Tania, as noted by many speakers, your effort in this space has truly made Melbourne a global innovation and entrepreneurship hub.” Danny Ong, Deakin University

“Ci2019 is a brilliant event, geared around the things that we’re passionate about – innovation, technology and creativity. We met lots of incredible people doing great things through our Isobar Good workshop and across the event. As event partners, we left with lots of food for thought, and I’m sure everyone else did too. Well done on another fantastic event.” Isobar

“I had no idea what to expect and was definitely unprepared for the phenomenally exhilarating roller-coaster of eye-opening thoughts, ideas, creativity and innovation which awaited me. Almost every moment was a significant experience” University of Melbourne

“Creative Innovation 2019 excelled on three fronts. Firstly, from the perspective of a participating speaker, it was one of the most well-organised events I’ve ever taken part in. From beginning to the end, every detail had been planned through and taken care of.  Secondly, are the production values. The on-stage visuals, music, and entertainment during the speeches and the dinner were spectacular, drawing the conference themes together in artistic and imaginative ways. 

Finally, the quality of the content was fantastic. Not only did the conference pull in great speakers from around the world, but they spoke with panache, with talks and panels ranging across contemporary challenges and ideas such as posthumanism, neuroscience, climate change, and the future of ethics and work, in a way that captured audience attention without being preachy, dry or inaccessible. As a result, it was possible to attend all the sessions without suffering conference burn-out, happy in the knowledge that the next piece of content was guaranteed to delight and challenge the senses.“  Richard Claydon (Singapore)

“Creative Innovation 2019 was an inspirational and thought provoking event. The breadth of discussion and ideas presented by the diverse array of speakers was tremendous. Every member of our team who attended was able to find something unique and insightful to take away and apply to their area of the business. The team and I particularly enjoyed the forward thinking nature of the conference and learning how we can challenge and change our world of work now and into the future. Thank you for a excellent event.” Matthew Lambelle, CEO at WISE Employment

“This year I attended the creative innovation global conference Ci2019, for the first time and came away buzzing. The calibre of speakers from all over the world were incredible and I felt inspired and challenged to constantly broaden my thinking and learn from others. Additionally, it reignited my belief in the positive possibilities technology enables and the role I can play within that industry to create a better future, balancing both economic and human value.” Jo Salisbury, Non-executive Director

“Ci2019 was truly inspiring and eye-opening. Having a chance to meet professionals from a wide range of disciplines was incredible. The conversation in the room was full of wisdom and it was so overwhelming.” University of Melbourne

“I just wanted to say thanks for a very interesting Ci2019 conference/symposium/event.  I enjoyed hearing the passionate, erudite, sensible thoughts of the speakers, particularly Kathleen Richardson, Adair Turner, Simon Longstaff and Rufus Black. The live and recorded music and singing with associated digital videos allow a chance to reflect on the magic and majesty of the universe, our interconnectedness and the future that is ours to help shepherd. The With One Voice Choir was inspiring. Thanks for stimulating some excellent thinking. Best of luck with your future ventures, and congratulations on your awesome choir network!” David Kilmartin, Defence Science and Technology Group

“I wanted to pass along how incredible I thought Creative Innovation was and how much your passion for life and for humanity was inspiring to all of us. It was a privilege to be included and one that I am very grateful for.” John Pickering, Chief Behavioural Scientist

Ci2019 conference has been an incredible experience to get together with so many like-minded human beings who are not only excited to advance the technology and create a more exciting future but also they are concerned how often we hug each other and care about the humanity.

I give all the credit to Tania de Jong the organiser of this world-class event. She is the most inspirational human being with an incredible voice who sings the songs of love, passion, and sympathy and reminds all of us to be mindful of all the distractions. She reminds you that we are human and we need each other to survive, not just the technology. 

Thank you, Tania, for the hard work and look forward to Ci2020.”  Mentone Girls’ Grammar School

“Creative Innovation is a transformational platform built by changemakers for changemakers. It is an educational adventure showcasing the forefront of ideas internationally. Creative Innovation heralds a call to stand up and shape a better world. Ci2019 afforded me the opportunity to connect with and receive direction from thought leaders in technology, neuroscience, storytelling, education and philosophy. I left empowered in my vision and connected to my ethical core.” Melissa Warner, Ci2019 Scholarship Winner & Education Officer, Mind Medicine Australia

“Ci2019 was filled with inspiring, open-minded conversations led by incredible minds.” University of Melbourne

“Well done on another successful Ci conference.   Your energy, passion and sheer determination to ensure the conference delegates get a fantastic experience is admirable.

As briefly mentioned, the Go Girl, Go Global event was a highlight for me.  We need to help educate our future generations on the possibilities for future careers that are different from our past ways of working.  I would like to help support this for future events as it is aligned to Woodside’s vision of growing talent. 

On a personal note, the tone of this conference was brave in my mind.  Many emotional and sometimes controversial topics were covered.   This is to be commended as many people would shy away from having what I would refer to as the ‘adult conversations’.” VP People & Global Capability | P&GC, Woodside Energy

“Ci2019 gives everyone a glimpse into the future that provokes the mind to think differently. The focus isn’t just about how you can capitalise or prepare for the changing world but how together we can contribute to making a brighter future for all of us.” Thomas Honeyman, Director, Mycelium Studios

“Creative Innovation keeps getting better and better each year! Ci2019 was my 4th Ci event and each time I’m impressed by the caliber of speakers and learnings gained.” Ciara Glover, UX Researcher

“I would like to say that the conference exceeded my expectations. Every speaker throughout the course of the event added a new layer of depth to the conference theme ‘human intelligence 2.0; a collective future’ by asking different styles of thought-provoking questions.” University of Melbourne

Feedback for Creative Innovation Global:

“Creative Innovation Human Intelligence 2.0 was highly unusual and very thought provoking.  They ran a fantastic set of sessions on institutional innovation, leadership and culture. The presenters were high calibre and from extremely varied backgrounds, industry leaders, artists, psychologists, biologists, data scientists, ethicists, futurists, politicians and even an actual cyborg (part human, part machine). What I particularly loved was the variety of eclectic and thought provoking topics and the way they intersected to stimulate new and exciting conversation and thinking.  They did a great job making the audience feel they were responsible for driving change and creating a movement within their respective organisations.”
Mick Sheehy, General Counsel Finance, Technology, Innovation and Strategy, Telstra

“Really this was the best conference/education I’ve attended in my 30 years of working! I loved the integrated Art/science/Commerce/ethics nature of it. I’ve been back at work for half a day but it still ‘sticks’ with me and I’ll be doing further reading/self educating/thinking about all of this ongoing. 6 of us attended and we all felt the same way. It was a shock, in the best possible meaning of the word. Thanks everyone.” Debbie, Arthur J Gallagher

“Thank you for a challenging and rewarding couple of days. The quality of the team you had at the conference was extraordinary! These events will change people and thereby the world.” Craig Carolan, Director Private Wealth, ANZ Private Bank

“An incredible and insightful event. I doubt that anyone walked away without feeling some level of disturbance but also excitement at what might be possible. The pace of change is something government and society has to really come to grips with to ensure we are ready for the future and we plan and work hard to not leave people behind.”
Jane King, Deputy Commissioner, Design and Change Management, ATO

“The Creative Innovation Conference is an annual highlight to get up-to-speed with trends and developments that impact how we work and live. The line-up of global speakers is amazing, networking opportunities are plentiful and the overall quality of the conference is  top-notch.”  Michael Alf, Founder H.P.D.A.

“I considered myself well informed until I attended Creative Innovation! My mind was blown by the onslaught of new ideas and concepts, interwoven with an incredible production of live music and inspiring speakers. As a scholarship winner it was a privilege to showcase Humanitix to the audience, and I received great connections and leads for the not-for-profit ticketing platform I’ve co-founded. We at Humanitix are trying to solve specific problems through harnessing technology for good. It was awesome to be in the company of so many like-minded people, each in their respective field on the forefront of innovation. Thank you for an incredible experience.” Joshua Ross, Co-founder Humanitix

“Creative Innovation Global was a wonderful opportunity to learn , be inspired , and think about what could be. The diversity of agenda , and quality of speakers was excellent , and to have this innovative gathering right on our doorstep without travelling around the world makes a big difference. Since the conference,  we have met together as a team and started to work through what do we need to implement in our business in order to prepare for the future , and to make a difference in the lives of our clients.” Errol Woodbury, CEO Woodbury Financial.

“Creative Innovation was an event like no other. From the thought provoking speakers to the interactive master classes and hot spots the entire experience was stimulating, challenging and entertaining! The well designed program drew together diverse thought leaders for fantastic networking opportunities and encouraged interaction and participation. The SSI team who participated have brought back into our organisation a real  energy for creative leadership and we look forward to working with all of the new connections we have made.”
Violet Roumeliotis and Dr Katrina Grech, Settlement Services International

“An extremely well run conference that delivered a diverse range of experiences and stimulated new thinking.  As someone with a technical AI perspective, it was great to make connections with a wide mix of attendees bringing different viewpoints.  Congratulations on a great event.” Professor James Bailey, The University of Melbourne

“Creative Innovation Global was one of the best events I’ve been to. Multi-model delivery, world class speakers with pioneering ideas shared with quality delegates and ample time to make connections resulted in a mind-blowing, soul nourishing, network building experience I’ll remember for years to come. Thank you for hosting us and for your contribution to the ideas & purpose economy.” Kat Dunn, Ideapod

“My congratulations to you and all the people behind the scenes who made the Creative Innovation 2017 conference such a memorable event. I reflected on how smoothly it all went, I could only imagine how much time, effort and creative energy went towards it’s preparation. Your choice of presenters and diverse topics gave an insight into a future that stretched the mind and forced cognitions to be challenged. The presenters were all so approachable and willing to talk which opened up the opportunity to learn even more. Music has the ability to touch souls, your voice and the choice of musicians certainly did that. Well done.  The conference was perfect in preparing and structuring our movement to launch into the 21st Century.” Gavan Holland, Founder, Conscious Living Community

“Thank you for the opportunity to support this outstanding conference. The range of exciting, dynamic and visionary presenters has made it too difficult to pick my highlights! I loved the opening ceremony with the fabulous video, the music and singing, the guided meditation and the opening panel. It was very different from other conferences and helped set the bar very high. The sessions were fantastic, inspiring and somewhat unsettling! Thank you for the opportunity to meet creative, thought-provoking, wise presenters who made it a truly enjoyable and different learning experience.” Ruth Rosen

“Creative Innovation is where brilliant minds bring their big hearts to build bridges between today and a better tomorrow. Hands down one of the most insightful conferences. A must attend.” Patrycja Slawuta, Founder Self Hackathon

“Attending the Ci was a brilliant use of one’s time, an exciting, extraordinary and well thought out event, to stimulate individuals and teams on collaboration, creativity and using the energy to build a better future for everyone” Laurie Hawkins, DHHS

“Ci was the first professional development I’ve undertaken in some years and to say my mind was blown is an understatement.   I would go as far as saying it was the most informative and thought provoking environment I’ve ever experienced. In fact, two months on I’m still consistently referring to the content. The learning and insight has been significant for me both professionally and personally.  Best thing I’ve done in ages!”  Samantha Elshaug, UFS Dispensaries Ltd

“Creative Innovation always delivers the goods. The unique combination of top executives, government officials, thought leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs provides a potent combination of inspiration and insight. If innovation touches your life, it is an absolute must.”
Scott Anthony, Managing Partner, Innosight

“I am sitting here in Konstanz, Germany, as part of a global organization studies conference and am led to reflect on the Creative Innovation conferences you have organized and of which I and Jill have been a part. When I reflect on your conferences I am struck about how much more and how many more times I was challenged to think differently, or see things differently or walked away from a presentation disturbed enough to find out more. So, this note is really a thank you for the quality of the speakers you have garnered in those conferences and to say to you Keep It Up!!” Tim Dalmau, Dalmau Consulting

“Creative Innovation was a fantastic experience that included great speakers and vibrant debate and discussion of the issues and trends that will loom large in the future, together with an emphasis on compassion and the need to be inclusive that I have seen at very few other events.” Martin Ford, Author ‘Rise of the Robots’

“Inspiring conference!  My thinking was stretched and I was also hugely inspired by the With One Voice choir and the work you are doing.”
Corinne Canter, Human Synergistics

“I came to learn – I came away inspired! Best conference ever.” Paul Duldig, University of Melbourne

“In addition to great learnings on AI and new technologies, Ci has helped open the door of a number of incredible opportunities for us. For example:

  • We have received an invitation from Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to attend Australia and ASEAN Business Summit as a lead in event to the special Australia and ASEAN countries leaders meeting in Sydney next March.
  • We have established direct contacts with Federal government officials responsible for social housing policies, as well as with NT government officials responsible for providing housing for indigenous communities.
    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts in organising such a wonderful conference. You are creating opportunities beyond my imagination.”
    Jackson Yin, i-build (Innovation Leader Scholarship)

“Our team really enjoyed opening our minds, learning new things and meeting some fantastic people. It was great to feel a part of such an exciting movement. I also loved the personal touch you bought to it, thank you. Your With One Voice group were inspiring and added such a great element to the conference.” Caitlin McCarthy, Human Synergistics

“The entire event was excellent. The quality of speakers was world class and I thought the conversational format worked particularly well. Importantly unlike many conferences that lose momentum in the last day/session, I would say that the last session was one of the best.” Rodd Cunico

“I was absolutely blown away with the entire conference- the organisation, the people, the venue, the quality of presenters, the delegates, the entertainment and the energy during the entire event. I am still left breathless from the experience and it has left me very energised, motivated and positive about the future. I am extremely glad to have met you and to witness how you can inspire others. It has only been a very short time since the conference, but I am overjoyed with the possibilities that it is opening up. I had previously seen your TEDx talk about social inclusion through One Voice, but to see how you engaged the audience during the conference was awe inspiring. Your performances were so beautiful – you truly have found your voice and sing like angel. At the closure of the event, you had me leave with a tear in my eye out of gratitude and inspiration. You should be extremely proud of your amazing accomplishments.”
Matthew Bowtell, Senior Engineer, Toyota Australia

“The event was fantastic and I personally learnt lots from the content presented and we made so many important connections for our organisation. The speakers were excellent, diverse, and friendly. Your warm and positive energy was felt throughout the three days – you were absolutely great.”
Rez Haremi, Essential Need

“Remarkable, mind blowing, brilliantly choreographed – easily the best conference ever and I’ve been to plenty. Truly wonderful and amazing.”

Jim Grant, Partner, Dattner Grant

“Thank you for a challenging and rewarding couple of days. The quality of the team you had at the conference was extraordinary! These events will change people and thereby the world.”

Craig Carolan, Director Private Wealth, ANZ

“I came to learn – I came away inspired! Best conference ever.”

Paul Duldig, University of Melbourne