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ABC Radio National, Big Ideas, Shaping technology to be a social benefit to all, May 2019

We have the technology but do we have the ability to manage it?
This special episode of Big Ideas features the full length audio recording of the Ci2019 Deep Conversation with Paul Cobban (Singapore), Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK), Dr Geoff Mulgan CBE (UK), Lord Adair Turner (UK), Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK) & Dr Simon Longstaff moderated by Peter Hunt AM. Listen to the episode >

Your Money, Interview with Ticky Fullerton, April 2019

In this episode Ticky Fullerton speaks with Ci2019 speaker & chairman of the Energy Transitions Commission Lord Adair Turner about climate change. Watch the interview from 30 min 30sec onwards >

Skynews Australia, Automation to alter current workforce landscape, April 2019

Some roles in Australia’s current workforce could be soon be rendered obsolete due to the rapid development of automation and technology. Ci2019 Speakers Lord Adair Turner (UK), Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Tania de Jong AM & Peter Hunt AM discuss key trends about the future of work, AI & automation. Watch the interview >

The Australian, Time for tech to tackle AI’s big questions’, April 2019

It’s the age-old question. Should a driverless car swerve on to the footpath — potentially hurting a pedestrian — to avoid hitting a dog on the road? Tania De Jong, founder of Creative Universe and Creativity Australia , said over time most current work activities could be automated and replaced by AI. She said this would require people to be very resilient and creative , and prepared to constantly retrain for new types of work as existing jobs became redundant. Read the article >

The Australian, Giants’ power ‘a serious problem’, April 2019

Big technology companies have written people out of the innovation equation, according to Kathleen Richardson, and regulating the likes of Facebook and Google is a necessary step in managing technology’s impact on people’s lives. “Technology has ended up directing our attention towards objects rather than people, and that’s a serious problem,” Professor Richardson said. Read the article (subscriber content)Read the pdf article >

Smartcompany, Expert warns artificial intelligence will have a “huge impact” on small businesses — but won’t take your job just yet, April 2019

An Australian artificial intelligence expert has warned that AI will have a “huge impact” on the country’s small businesses but believes SMEs are well placed to quickly adapt to significant changes in the market. Emma Martinho-Truswell is the co-founder of Sydney technology consultancy Oxford Insights and has advised governments both locally and across the world on technology policy, having previously worked in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Read the article >

The Australian, AI robots will worsen inequality, March 2019

The rise of artificial intelligence and increased automation of the workforce could accentuate the “winner-takes-all effect” in society and accelerate inequality, according to a senior research fellow at a think tank founded by multi-billionaire George Soros. Read the article >

The Australian Financial Review, ‘Devastating’: Robots to take 6.5 million jobs, March 2019

Microsoft Australia managing director Steven Worrall and Telstra executive Michael Ebeid warn that business, governments and workers are woefully unprepared for robots to displace up to 6.5 million jobs. The pair join tech heavyweights such as Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes and venture capitalist Daniel Petre who warn “we need to act now”, ahead of a major conference kicking off on Monday to urge action. Read the article (subscriber content) /  Read the pdf article >

The Australian, Ethics and governance at the Centre of AI Summit, March 2019

Ci2019 speakers Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK), Professor Toby Walsh & Tania de Jong AM discuss the upcoming Ci2019 summit. Read the article (subscriber content)Read the pdf article >

Double J, New Bibio and the future of creativity, March 2019

And have you ever heard of sound medicine, Vagus nerve stimulation or dream hacking? Dr Carl Smith talks with Tim about some of the exciting technologies on the horizon that will change our relationship with sound. Read the article >

The Ethics Centre, If humans bully robots there will be consequences, March 2019

The Ethics Centre featuring Tania de Jong and other leaders. Read the article >

The Australian Financial Review, UK regulatory expert backs call for higher bank capital, March 2019

The former head of bank regulation in the United Kingdom has backed the New Zealand Reserve Bank’s plan to force the big four banks to hold about $12 billion in additional equity capital. Read the article (subscriber content)Read the pdf article >

The Australian Financial Review, Path clear to zero carbon economy, March 2019

Lord Adair Turner, who will join 40 other global innovators and leaders presenting at Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne next month, says the use of thermal coal will fall by 18 per cent by 2040 and the use of oil will decline by 30 to 35 per cent by then. Read the article (subscriber content) /  Read the pdf article >

The Victorian Connection, The innovation conference helping businesses unlock their creative potential, February 2019

The multi award-winning summit – Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific – kicks off in Melbourne this April.  Read the article >

Biz Events Asia, Q&A with TEDxMelbourne curator, Jon Yeo, March 2019

In the lead-up to Creative Innovation 2019 (Ci2019), Biz Events Asia sits down with TEDxMelbourne curator Jon Yeo, who will be addressing audiences at the Melbourne event next month.  Read the article >

Bendigo Advertiser, Rural innovator gets national platform, February 2019

Castlemaine’s Kerry Anderson has been awarded a scholarship for finding innovative solutions in a time of disruption. Read the article >

The Examiner, Otlet scientific sample sharing platform co-founded in Tasmania, February 2019

Ci2019 selected nine emerging Australian entrepreneurs, including Ms Green and fellow Tasmanian Claire Bremner who founded kelp harvesting and promotion enterprise KELPD, from a pool of more than 60. Read the article >

North Shore Times, Entrepreneur gets a leg up for his start-up, February 2019

Making sense of traffic and transport data has won a Northbridge university student a $10,000 innovators scholarship. Read the article >

Boss Magazine, Rise of the machines, February 2019

One of the big decisions leaders are beginning to face is where to use artificial intelligence – and where not to. Read this interview with Ci2019 speaker Emma Martinho-Truswell. Read the article >

Women Love Tech, Go Girl Go World: Tania de Jong brings young women and AI together, February 2019

This year de Jong is championing the development of young female innovators with a new series of talks titled Go Girl Go World. The purpose of the talks is to leave young women, ages 15-24, feeling inspired to participate in STEM and other “Human Intelligence 2.0” industries. Read the article >

Australasian Special Events, Hot Spots, Master Classes and artists-in-residence: Melbourne creative innovation conference back for another year, January 2019

Soprano and Entrepreneur, Tania de Jong AM speaks with Australasian Special Events to share insights on what to expect at Ci2019. Read the article >

Switzer Daily Podcast with Peter Switzer, January 2019

Listen to this interview (from 21 minutes onward) about Creative Innovation 2019 with founder Tania de Jong. Listen to the podcast >

The world’s most innovative thinkers to gather in Melbourne for Creative Innovation 2019, January 2019

Read the media release >

Go Girl Go Global in Melbourne for Creative Innovation, January 2019

Read the media release >

Australia needs diversity to keep the creative juices flowing, The Fifth Estate, December 2018

Soprano and Entrepreneur, Tania de Jong AM, provides her thought-leadership on how Australian innovation can catch up with the US. Tania is a strong advocate of diversity and by combining this with a blend of creativity and a willingness to experiment, she believes that we can deliver a prosperous future for all. Read the article >

Creative Innovation not quashed by C2 failure, Biz Events Asia, December 2018

Event entrepreneur, Tania de Jong, explains why some event models succeed and others fail. Tania believes competitive success depends on the implementation of creative ideas, and the ability to keep up with an ever-changing world. Read the article >

Tania de Jong champions the power of music, ABC, November 2018

Tania de Jong AM has a passion for music. She is not only a world-renowned soprano singer but is also an award-winning social innovator, having established two non-for-profit organisations ‘Creativity Australia’ and ‘Creative Universe’. Tania joins Jennie Lenman to talk about her philosophy and the value of her choir social inclusion programs. Audio >

We have to deal with loneliness in the workplace, HRM Online,  July 2018

Loneliness is being touted as the next big public health epidemic. But why is this a workplace issue? Read the article >

Ci2017: A post-conference policy directions and reflections paper for Australia’s future, Terry Barnes, April 2018

For three days in November 2017, people from around the world gathered in Melbourne for the latest in the Creative Innovation conference series, Ci2017.

Over 600 delegates and more than 40 speakers joined together at the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins.  They came from business, government, academia, not-for-profit organisations, the media and the arts.  Over 15 nationalities were represented, and all were treated to a challenge to the mind, to the senses and to the world in which we live.

The theme of Ci2017 was Human Intelligence 2.0: Thriving in the Age of Acceleration.  And from the start it was clear to everyone that the future is accelerating at a startling rate. Read the policy directions and reflections paper >

Articles 2017

Ideapod, Are humans at risk of becoming second-class citizens to our smarter AI brothers and sisters? November 2017
One day human beings will become one with technology, will merge with machines. Read the article

Ideapod, With robots taking over our jobs, you have an important choice to make, November 2017
How is a new graduate or job seeker meant to react to this? Read the article

The Mandarin, Leading teams: learning to be coach, not star player,  November 2017
Being a “control-oriented, mistake-averse know-it-all” might help lots of leaders make it to the top, but rapid change means listening, learning and leveraging networks are becoming increasingly important.  Read the article

The Mandarin, Inequality and unemployment ‘a choice’ governments make, says jobs dept boss,  November 2017
In this era of automation and declining manufacturing, many worry that a large chunk of the working population will be left jobless. Read the article

Ideapod, The one thing each of us can do to take back control from the government, November 2017
Interview with Peter Hunt AM on social dislocation. Read the article

Ideapod, Why this man got an antenna implanted in his skull, November 2017
Interview with Neil Harbisson on being trans-species. Read the article

ABC Radio National, Could an AI robot be our future friend? with Aleksandra Przegalinska,  November 2017
We all need a good friend, someone who can read our moods and react accordingly, But are we prepared to hand over our emotional intelligence to machines?  Listen to the interview

Ideapod, The top 5 regrets of the dying (And how knowing them helps you live a better life),  November 2017
What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to be Human? Read the article

The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Creative Innovation asks: are we ready for the age of acceleration?, November 2017
Organiser Tania de Jong AM and her husband Peter Hunt AM, are visited by The Age/The Sydney Morning Herald to talk about future tech, AI, 2025 future predictions and more. Read the article

The Australian, Learning to live with, and control, intelligent machines, November 2017
Artificial intelligence and automation may or may not be the death knell of society as we know it, but there’s a growing chorus of voices calling for us to re-evaluate our relationship with technology. Read the article

Techly, Ai: Artificial Intelligence, or Australia’s Inequality?, November 2017
The robot revolution is inevitable. In fact, you could comfortably say it’s already upon us. Read the article

Lateline, Debate: What does it mean to be human in the age of AI and transhumanism?, November 2017
What does it mean to be human today? And when does a human become something else? We ask ‘cyborg-activist’ Neil Harbisson and AI expert Aleksandra Przegalinska. Watch the video

Huff Post, Mindhacking: What You Need To Know, November 2017
Can you hack your mind to success? Read the article

Blockchain: How is it bringing power to the people and how is that impacting the future of your business?, November 2017
If I was sending you an email, would I ask you if you are going to check it on your iphone, your tablet, your PC or your laptop? Read the article

Techly, So what the hell happened to innovation in Australia? We chat with Dr Charles Day to find out!, November 2017
Which Australian industries are leading the way in terms of innovation? Read the article

Disciplined Disruption Podcast, featuring Creative Innovation Catalyst Tania de Jong, October 2017
Tania de Jong the organiser and mind behind the conference is the special guest on the Podcast to talk about Human Intelligence and how we can prepare for what is coming. Listen to the interview on Itunes or Visit the Disciplined Disruption Podcast Website

Create Digital, People program AI, so what happens when they get hacked?, October 2017
When it comes to AI, do we live in a hack-or-be-hacked world? Read the article

Techly, A philosopher predicts how and when robots will destroy humanity, September 2017
In the flurry of progress, rarely do we stop to consider the ethics and morality of our advancement. Aleksandra Przegalinska considers it every day. Read the article

Techly, See the world from a cyborg’s point of view: A chat with Neil Harbisson, August 2017
It’s not often that a self-professed ‘trans-species’ visits Australia. Read the article

ProBono Australia, Agility = The Most Important Word for Today’s Leaders, August 2017
Get ready for the future at the Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific conference taking place 13-15 November 2017 in Melbourne, writes entrepreneur Tania de Jong AM. Read the article


Articles 2016

Medium, Key insights from the Creative Innovation (Ci2016) Conference, December 2016

Fantastic summary of some of the key takeouts from Ci2016 by Siobhan Curran. Read the article

Startup Smart, We’ve mistaken “the rise of unicorns” as a sign of good innovation: Professor Rufus Black, December 2016

Speaking at the 2016 Creative Innovation conference in Melbourne in November, seconds after Donald Trump won the US election, the Ormond College master and ethicist asked: how did we get here? Read the article

The Australian, BHP Billiton director Carolyn Hewson talks about the tragic Samarco dam collapse a little over a year ago, November 2016

“None of us ever expected a dam would collapse and wipe out villages,” she told the audience in a rare on-the-record public appearance at the recent the Creative Innovation summit in Melbourne. Read the article

CMO, How artificial intelligence is transforming marketing, November 2016

In an industry known for its love of buzzwords and hype, artificial intelligence (AI) has become marketing’s new ‘big data’. But where big data ultimately led to new layers of complexity, AI promises the opposite. Read the article

Medium, Key insights from Creative Innovation (CI2016) Conference, November 2016

Ci2016 is described as a cross-sector program of presentations and conversations for people from industry, academia and government interested in the impact of collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation on business and leadership success. Read the article

 The Australian, Robot rising pointing to trump 2.0, November 2016

It’s time for our leaders to do some hard talking with the US election now upon us, we are holding our breath. Will it be Trump? Could it be? Dear God, how could this have happened? The world looks askance at America and thinks: how could you? What were you thinking?
The investment and business communities are in the unfamiliar position of worrying that the Republican candidate might win. Analysts declare that the markets will crash if he does, and business people have been drawing up contingency plans for the recession.
Markets are nervous, but they’re not yet pricing in a Trump victory. “He won’t win, surely,” is the general view, and he probably won’t.
And when he doesn’t win, we’ll all be able to breathe a sigh of relief and get back to business as usual, right? Read the article

The Australian, How Australian innovation is being held back, November 2016

A lack of collaboration between academia and business is one of the key issues holding back the nation’s innovation, science and research system, according to Innovation and Science Australia chairman Bill Ferris.Ahead of the public release of ISA’s audit of Australia’s existing innovation systems that will be provided to federal government next month, Mr Ferris revealed the 20 findings in the audit would focus on three circles of activity: knowledge creation, knowledge transfer and commercialisation.“Coming up with ideas and new research, we rank really high in world terms. In the creation part of it all, it is a very good story. On the transfer, we are pretty weak in terms of international metrics on that. And in terms of actual outcomes, be they marketplace driven or otherwise, the answer is we are only OK,’’ Mr Ferris told The Australian ahead of the annual Creative Innovation conference starting in Melbourne on Tuesday. Read the article

Dynamic Business, Robots AI and the new economy: Insights from this week Creative Innovation 2016, November 2016

Human capital will remain the greatest asset of any organisations, both large and small, including the intellectual property that they develop. Embracing cultural change is the key to unlocking the creative and innovative ideas of tomorrow and the key for university, government and the private sector alike. “I believe the greatest untapped source of energy in the world is not the sun, it is what sits inside today’s organisations,” the moderator Scott Anthony suggested. Read the article

Newcastle Herald, The future is in imagination , November 2016

Consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the infiltration of robotics into our everyday lives. The original Lost In Space series ran from 1965-1968 and featured Robot. This AI protected Will Robinson and conversed and empathised with humans. In 2016 we are looking toward a future where machines could do most of our jobs. Sophia Robot has life-like skin, 62 facial expressions, can hold a conversation and is programmed to get smarter over time. Read the article

The Australian, The rise of the machines and the next Trump, November 2016

With the US election now upon us, we are holding our breath. Will it be Trump? Could it be? Dear God, how could this have happened? The world looks askance at America and thinks: how could you? What were you thinking? The investment and business communities are in the unfamiliar position of worrying that the Republican candidate might win. Analysts declare that the markets will crash if he does, and business people have been drawing up contingency plans for the recession. Read the article

Pro Bono Australia, Water is Life, November 2016

Essential Need is dedicated to the goal of ending poverty and ensuring every child in the world has access to clean water, food and shelter. Haremi, an IT engineer and business advisor whose goal is to improve the lives of children everywhere, is at the heart and soul of the organization. He was one of nine Australians to win the opportunity to present their innovations to the world’s elite business thinkers and leaders at Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2016, which takes place in Melbourne 7 to 9 November. He believes disruption is a long-term gain and short-term pain, and that innovation is exciting. Read the article

Sunday Times Perth, Face video reveal the hidden pain, November 2016

MUSTAFA Atee believes no one should suffer in silence, especially those unable to communicate.
The Curtin University clinical pharmacy PhD student has worked with the institution’s former head of pharmacy Jeff Hughes to develop a facial recognition app to detect pain through “micro expressions”.
Using a smartphone’s camera, the Electronic Pain Assessment Tool (ePAT) records a 10 second video to identify pain for those with dementia. Read the article

The Guardian, Android clone vs human: will you be able to tell the difference at work?, November 2016

Prof Hiroshi Ishiguro – director, Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, Japan, and named one of the top 100 living geniuses by Synetics in 2007 – is a very busy man. So busy, he practically needs a clone to keep up with his work schedule, something many of us have wished for in our own lives. But Ishiguro created one – a near-perfect mechanical likeness of silicon skin, actuators, electronics and his own hair – which he operates remotely via the internet. It means Ishiguro can (almost) be in two places at once: he regularly sends his robot to give lectures at conferences around the world. “It’s very convenient,” he deadpans. Read the article

The Guardian, The future of healthcare: AI, augmented reality and drug-delivering drones, November 2016

Imagine being paralyzed and having an implanted microchip that could action a message from your brain to move your prosthetic arm. Or a diagnostic system that could pick up Alzheimer’s a decade before you develop any symptoms. Or a 3D printing machine that could print a pill with a combination of drugs tailored just for you. Sound far-fetched? Then meet Dr Daniel Kraft, a Harvard-trained oncologist-cum-entrepreneur-cum-healthcare futurologist. The faculty chair of exponential medicine at the Silicon Valley-based Singularity University, no one could be more serious – or ambitious – about the revolutionary impact that digital technologies will have on the future of healthcare. Read the article

Cosmos, The secret of Tania Monro’s meteoric rise is a high octane mix of intellectual fire, October 2016

Barely 42, Tanya Monro is renowned in her field, having published more than 500 scientific papers. Her discoveries aren’t only academic. She has 17 patents to her name and is part-owner of Red Chip Photonics, a company that is commercializing a novel laser technology that emerged from her work with colleague David Lancaster. The achievements have been recognized with awards including being named the Prime Minister’s Physical Scientist of the Year in 2008, South Australian of the Year in 2011, receiving the Australian Academy of Science’s Pawsey Medal in 2012 and the 2014 Beattie Steel Medal of the Optical Society of Australia. Read the article

Cosmos, Michelle Simmons: a quantum queen, October 2016

Building a quantum computer is not for the faint-hearted. These blazingly fast machines could revolutionize computing by ripping through big data, improving everything from tracking financial markets to weather forecasting. But the technology requires shrinking computer bits to the size of an atom. Read the article

Cosmos, Abigail Allwood: Tooling up for Mars, October 2016

Abigail Allwood sat in her stiflingly hot car and screamed with joy. Parked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, she had just learnt that the instrument she’d designed to search for extraterrestrial life was going to Mars. She would be the first woman and first Australian scientific leader on a Mars mission. Not bad for someone who handed in her PhD less than 10 years ago. Read the article

ImagineNation, Ruminating on the key learning’s from Janet Sernack’s Israel immersion, October 2016

At the time, I had let go of my core corporate learning and consulting roles and had unexpectedly become an Israeli start-up entrepreneur in innovation education, where I was learning, by experimenting, doing and of course, failing.  I was, in fact, totally immersed in researching the key drivers of the unique Israeli innovation culture and participating keenly in the Israeli start-up community’s entrepreneurial lifestyle. So, for the 2016 Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2016 Conference, she suggested that I include my 5 key learning’s from the 6 years I spent immersed in Israel’s entrepreneurial and innovative start-up culture and eco-system. Read the article

Australian Anthill, Guess who’s coming for your job – will human go the way of  horses thanks to AI, October 2016

Tech visionary Elon Musk made headlines when he said recently that artificial intelligence is like “summoning the demon” and may well be humanity’s “biggest existential threat.”Just this month, researchers in Japan announced they had created a software system that could outperform the average Japanese high school student on a standardized college entrance exam. In other words, the machines are catching up to humans in intelligence. Read the article

The Huffington Post, How Co-Working spaces can create beautiful new businesses, October 2016

Collaborative workspaces don’t just save money for startups and solve the problem of an isolating home office, they can lead to incredible new ventures. Sharing a space allows room for inspiration and thinking outside of our own ideas. Obviously, there are financial benefits of sharing rent and internet costs. But also the social benefit, the sharing of ideas, the potential to troubleshoot and discuss things business and otherwise. Read the article

CMO, Helping marketers focus on the negative side of brand engagement, October 2016

Throughout her life, Polish-born researcher and entrepreneur, Patrycja Slawuta, has been drawn to the darker side of human nature. From a young age, she held a strong interest in her country’s experiences during and following World War II, with its Holocaust, ghettos, uprisings and communism. Her Master’s thesis examined collective guilt and shame in post-genocidal societies, while her PhD investigated the narratives surrounding terrorism. Read the article

Canning Times, Willetton’s Tele Tan named innovation leader for work with  autism, October 2016

Founder and deputy director of the Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance Tele Tan has been named as a winner of the Innovation Leader Scholarships for Creative Innovation 2016. Willetton resident Mr Tan was among nine Australians to win the opportunity to present their innovations to the world’s elite business thinkers and leaders at Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2016 as recipients of the Ci2016 Innovation Leader Scholarships. Read the article

Inside Small Business, Emerging innovators win Ci2016 scholarship, September 2016

From a pool of outstanding applications from around the nation, nine emerging innovators were selected for their achievements as founders of a start-up commercial or social enterprise. Each winner receives a place at this year’s Creative Innovation 2016 – CI2016 – giving them the opportunity to rub shoulders with key industry leaders, share and discuss their ideas and issues, and present their innovation ideas in a 60-second pitch on the main stage. Read the article

Subiaco Post, Inventors big chance, September 2016

Subiaco inventor Mustafa Atee has been given the 60-second chance of a lifetime to pitch his invention, ePAT, to global business thinkers and leaders at Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2016. Read the article

AFR & BOSS Magazine, When Robots and AI come, what job will be left? August 2016

In about 100 years, Ishiguro says, only 10 to 20 percent of us will actually work. The rest will spend time learning how to interact with ever more complex robots in order to be able to work – or will be cared for by robots when we can no longer learn to work. Read the article

AFR,Travel tips: Creative Innovation founder travels with a feather boa,  August 2016

If I ran my own airline I would offer a range of more flexible options for eating healthily while on board – let’s say the Superfood Flight Menu, which could be pre-ordered. I would provide more diverse vegetarian and gluten-free options. I would provide more space in economy to enable people to work and get off the plane without sore backs. I would use advances in digital technology to reduce queues and red tape. I would keep customers informed of any delays to minimise their time at the airport and on the plane. Read the article

HRM, Automation: The surprising downside and more great insights, August 2016

Will human employment fade away into nothing at hands of automation? One global thought leader shares what workplaces can leader shares what workplaces can expect – and how they should prepare for the future of work. Read the article

Shortpress, Tania de Jong: Brave, Inspirational – or both? August 2016

”If I think it’s a good enough idea, I don’t analyse, I don’t do risk management, I don’t do a lot of business planning to begin with”, she says. Read the article

Only Melbourne, We need to find innovative solutions to the great problems of today to make them the opportunities of the future, August 2016

It is the must-attend event for everyone seeking fresh insights, ideas, tools and connections. Join us at Ci2016 to prepare for the exponential shift and transform your thinking and organisation. Read the article

Smart Company, How to pitch your business ideas: Insight from the Ci2016 innovation scholarship, August 2016

”It is a great platform to pitch your business and potentially get funding and valuable strategies from the conference,” explains Alrick Pagnon, Creative development, Innovation and Partnership Manager of Creative innovation Global. Read the article

Business Acumen Magazine, Silicon valley futurists & world renowned physicist are coming to Ci2016, August 2016

This is a great way to showcase your creativity, thought leadership and innovation strategy. Read the article

Pro Bono Australia, Are you ready for the future? July 2016

Today you either disrupt yourself or someone else will! Learn from the who’s who of global thinkers and innovators at the 5th Creative Innovation 2016. Read the article

Shu’s Green Patch, Creative Inspiration from social entrepreneur and innovator, June 2016

Read this great feature on Tania de Jong AM. Read the article

Radio Australasia, Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific, May 2016

Listen to this great interview of Tania de Jong AM with Ben Starr on what we’ve got planned for Ci2016. Listen

Inside Small Business, New co-working space music to distinguished ears, April 2016

New Melbourne co-working space Dimension5 was officially launched last night by The Victorian Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Philip Dalidakis MP. Click here to read the article!

The Australian, Soprano Tania de Jong lends voice to Dimension5 start-up hub, April 2016

Tania de Jong is teaming up with IT company Dimension Data to set up Melbourne’s newest start-up hub, Dimension5. Click here to read the article!

Spice News, Melbourne to welcome new co-working space, April 2016

Dimension5, a 1100 square metre co-working space in South Melbourne, is set to open next Thursday 28 April, 2016. Click here to read the article!

Startup Smart, One of Australia’s biggest tech and innovation conferences has revealed its high-profile speakers, April 2016

The annual Creative Innovation Asia Pacific in Melbourne has revealed its full program, featuring more than 40 high-profile names in innovation and disruptive technologies. Click here to read the article!

CIM Magazine, Making Waves, March 2016

The Australian Event Awards recognises Ci2015 as Best Corporate Event of the Year. Click here to read the article!

AFR, Is co-working the secret sauce in the quest for innovation or just a real estate play? March 2016

AFR spoke to Tania de Jong and Dimension Data CEO Rodd Cunico on the launch of our new co-working space Dimension5. Click here to read the article!

Third Sector, Creativity is the most important attribute for NFP leaders, March 2016

Third Sector spoke to Tania to hear more about her vision, her thoughts on creativity and the power of music within the non-profit-sector. Click here to read the article!

Inside Small Business, New co+working space launches on back of ‘Ideas Boom’, February 2016

Collaboration fostered at high-performing incubators and co-working spaces is a crucial ingredient to innovation. Click here to read the article!

Third Sector, Inclusive leadership, diverse voices and entrepreneurship key to innovation, February 2016

Australia has traditionally been a highly successful and prosperous nation. However, we have ridden on our luck for too long, especially in relying on our natural resources to get us through. Click here to read the article!

Articles 2015

Women’s Agenda, New Dimension5 co-working space in Melbourne to focus on making tech more inclusive, December 2015

Creative Universe have partnered with Dimension Data to launch the Dimension 5 space in South Melbourne. Click here to read the article!

Startup Smart, New Dimension5 co-working space in Melbourne to focus on making tech more inclusive, December 2015

Creative Universe have partnered with Dimension Data to launch the Dimension 5 space in South Melbourne. Click here to read the article!

ARN, Dimension Data partners with Creative Universe for Melbourne co-working space, December 2015

Dimension Data, has partnered with event management company, Creative Universe, to work on the launch of a new Melbourne co-working space. Click here to read the article!

Sydney Morning Herald, Inclusion and Entrepreneurship the key to innovation, November 2015

Creative Innovation Global founder Tania de Jong outlines why inclusion and entrepreneurship are the key to innovation, Click here to read the article!

Mumbrella, AOL digital prophet coming down under for ‘Creative Fuel’, June 2015

Ci2015 founder Tania de Jong will be speaking at the Creative Fuel conference in Sydney . Click here to read the article!

Aspire Magazine, Innovation is spelled risk, June 2015

Ci2015 in review by Lindsay Rogers from Aspire Magazine. Click here to read the article!

Cosmos Magazine, Going Native, June 2015

Ci2015 speaker Wade Davis in conversation with Jo Chandler. Click here to read the article!

ArtsHub, What the Arts can learn from silicon valley, May 2015

Ci2015 founder Tania de Jong discusses what Silicon Valley and Technology can learn from the arts. Click here to read the article!

LinkedIn Pulse, Technology, change and the cherry blossom, April 2015

Ci2015 speaker Steve Lennon outlines some of the key takeouts from Ci2015 and shares new innovations from Japan. Click here to read the article!

CMO, Why it’s time to bring mindfulness into marketing leadership, April 2015

Ci2015 moderator Brad Howarth discusses the  importance of mindfulness in leadership. Click here to read the article!

ABC Radio National, Disruption and Growth, April 2015

Ci2015 speakers Dr Peter Diamandis and Scott Anthony address growth and disruption. Click here to listen to the interview!

SmartCompany, How  to hire the next Steve Jobs for your Business, April 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nolan Bushnell shares few tips on how to find talented recruits. Click here to read the article!

SmartCompany, Realising innovation: The importance of a vision for radical change, April 2015

Ci2015 speaker Kate Eriksson discusses 5 trends that will disrupt your business. Click here to read the article!

LinkedIn, This is the Dawning of the Age of Disruption, April 2015

Ci2015 founder Tania de Jong AM discusses the key learnings and takeouts from Ci2015 Click here to read the article!

AFR, We must tolerate failure if we want courageous leaders, March 2015

Ci2015 founder Tania de Jong AM and Terry Barnes discuss the need to accept failure to foster leadership and innovation Click here to read the article! (PDF Article)

ABC Radio National, Crowdfunding Business, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Danna Hochstein Mann talks about crowdfunding and how to harness its power. Click here to listen to the interview!

ABC Radio National, Motorcycle accident transform gymnast into ‘peaceful warrior’, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Dan Millman talks about his journey into mindfulness. Click here to listen to the interview!

SkyNews, Creativity as a competitive weapon, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nolan Bushnell outlines the need for creativity to foster innovation. Click here to watch the interview!

ABC, Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell holds no regret about turning down a third of Apple for $50k, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nolan Bushnell talks about turning down the opportunity of a lifetime. Click here to watch the interview!

Brad Howarth Blog, Do we need a new approach to the social sector?, March 2015

Ci2015 moderator Brad Howarth features Ci2015, Tania de Jong AM and the With One Voice choirs. Click here to read the article!

ABC News Breakfast, The godfather of video games, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nolan Bushnell talks about the invention of video games. Click here to watch the interview!

The Australian Jewish News, Investing in tech to defeat BDS, March 2015

Ourcrowd CEO Jon Medved talks crowdfunding and ReWalk Exoskeleton. Click here to read the article!

The Age, How Atari’s Nolan Bushnell turned down Steve Jobs’ offer of a third of Apple at $50,000, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nolan Bushnell talks about turning down a third of Apple. Click here to read the article!

Australian Financial Review, We must tolerate failure if we want courageous leader, March 2015

Ci2015 founder Tania de Jong AM address the importance of tolerating failure. Click here to read the article!

Pro Bono Australia, The Dawning of the Age of Disruption, March 2015

Ci2015 founder Tania de Jong AM outlines key learnings from Ci2015. Click here to read the article!

The Australian, Alison Watkins finalises team to return fizz to Coke, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Alison Watkins outlines future plans for Coca-Cola Amatil. Click here to read the article! (PDF)

ABC Radio, PM with Mark Colvin, ‘We’re morphing into a more advanced being’: Nolan Bushnell, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nolan Bushnell talks future of gaming and education with Mark Colvin. Click here to listen to the interview!

Smart Company, Pip Marlow: Forget command and control, seven tips for leading in a time of disruption, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Pip Marlow offers key tips on how to deal with disruption. Click here to read the article!

Smart Company, The four reasons this is a magical time for entrepreneurs: Matt Barrie, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Matt Barrie explains why we are living in a “magical time”. Click here to read the article!

Smart Company, Why we’re going from “I’ve got an idea” to “I’ve got a billion-dollar company” quicker than ever before, March 2015

Ci2015 speakers Peter Diamandis and Scott Anthony featured in Smart Company. Click here to read the article!

Developing resilience in the face of disruption, Flying Solo podcast interview with Tania de Jong AM, March 2015

Click here to listen to the interview!

Sydney Morning Herald, Australian business calendar, March 23-27

Ci2015 featured in the key business events of the week in the Sydney Morning Herald. Click here to read the article!

Herald Sun, Large companies must innovate like start-up, says Telstra director, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Steve Vamos outlines why large companies must believe they can innovate like start-ups . Click here to read the article!

Smart Company, Meet Jon Medved: The serial entrepreneur pushing the boundaries of investment, March 2015

Ci2015 moderator Brad Howarth talks Crowdfunding and new ways to raise capitals with Jon Medved. Click here to read the article!

Sky News, Switzer, March 2015

Peter Switzer interviews the Founder and Executive Producer of Ci Global Tania de Jong  AM. Click here watch the interview! (Starts from  8’42)

Business Spectator, KGB Interview: CSIRO’s Larry Marshall, March 2015

Alan Kohler, Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz interview Ci2015 speaker Larry Marshall about his vision for the future of CSIRO. Click here watch the interview!

CMO, Companies are failing to realise creativity across the organisation, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nicole Velik outlines why Creativity shouldn’t be the domain of one group of individuals.Click here to read the article!

Smart Company, The pain and joy of being a social entrepreneur, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Dr Elaine Saunders talks about her career as a successful social entrepreneur. Click here to read the article!

BRW, The creative power of saying no: why focus is the key to innovation, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Scott Anthony outlines why focus is key to innovation. Click here to read the article!

Australian Financial Review, The four biggest myths about women in business, March 2015

Ci2015 speaker Pip Marlow addresses gender diversity. Click here to read the article!

Australian Financial Review, What’s the future of crowdfunding?, March 2015

OurCrowd CEO encourages Australia to embrace crowdsourcing. Click here to read the article!

BOSS Magazine, Peter Diamandis is Focused on Building a Bigger Brain, February 2015

Ci2015 Speaker Dr Peter Diamandis interviewed by Joanne Gray. Click here to read the article!

774 ABC Melbourne Radio, Interview with Jon Faine, Steve Vamos talks disruption and growth, February 2015

Featuring Ci2015 speakers Steve Vamos. Click here to listen to the interview!

ABC Radio National, Late night with Phillip Adams, Redesigning the Australian Economy, February 2015

Featuring Ci2015 speakers Dr Rufus Black. Click here to listen to the interview!

Australian Financial Review, OurCrowd’s Jon Medved warns Australia to crowdsource or risk losing tech talent, February 2015

OurCrowd CEO warns Australia about the risk of loosing tech talents. Click here to read the article!

The Australian, Freelancer Chief warns governments must embrace economic reforms, February 2015

Ci2015 speaker Matt Barrie encourages Australian government to create strong economic reforms. Click here to read the article!

Herald Sun, Innovators from education, health and business to share their stories, February 2015

Featuring Ci2015 speakers Dr Elaine Saunders, Pip Marlow, Prof Linda Kristjanson & Nolan Bushnell. Click here to read the article!

The Australian, Tania de Jong tunes up business, February 2015

Ci2015 Founder Tania de Jong AM discusses Ci2015. Click here to read the article! (PDF Version)

Australian Financial Review, Lack of women in IT prompts calls for education reform, February 2015

Ci2015 speaker Pip Marlow shares some insight about Australia’s ICT sector. Click here to read the article!

AFR Smart Investor, How to make money betting on disruption , February 2015

When change comes, it can come in a flash. Click here to read the article!

The Age, Five Ways to Boost your memory , February 2015

Ci2015 speaker Tansel Ali offers tips and advices on how to improve your memory. Click here to read the article!

The Australian, Put Disruption to Good Use, January 2015

Ci2015 Founder Tania de Jong AM offers powerful insights about disruption. Click here to read the article! ( PDF Version 140KB)

612 ABC Brisbane, Afternoons with Kelly Higgins-Devine , January 2015

Tania de Jong AM and Ci2015 speaker Scott Anthony interviewed by Kelly Higgins-Devine about disruptive technologies. Click here to listen to the interview!

Australian Financial Review,  Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talks Steve Jobs and virtual reality, January 2015

Ci2015 speaker Nolan Bushnell discuss the future of technology and gaming ahead of his keynote at Ci2015Click here to read the article!

CIO Magazine, How the human brains stands up against freaky, super smart machines featuring Dr Alan Finkel, January 2015

Remember: The human brain is the most complex machine in the known universes. Click here to read the article!

Articles 2014

BOSS Magazine, Change the World, One Voice at a Time, December 2014

Ci2015 Founder Tania de Jong AM & Peter Hunt AM discuss how they are changing the world one voice at a time. Click here to read the article!

BOSS Magazine, Are you curious?, December 2014

Ci2015 speaker Scott Anthony outlines why curiosity is a key component of innovation. Click here to read the article!

BOSS Magazine, Innovation Army, September 2014

Ci2015 speaker Jon Medved talks the israeli military culture and how it fosters innovation. Click here to read the article!

Strategy + Business, The Entrepreneurship Coach featuring Ernesto Sirolli, August 2014

Working with startups showed Ernesto Sirolli how anyone can have more impact: Shut up and listen. Click here to read the article!

Eureka Report, Freelancer: One Year on, August 2014

Alan Kohler interviews Ci2015 speaker and Founder of Matt Barrie. Click here to watch the interview! Read the transcript (PDF 240KB)

AFR, Juggler with a Social Conscience, June 2014

Ci2015 Founder Tania de Jong AM talks about her ventures and Ci2015. Click here to read the article!

Convention and Incentive Marketing Magazine, Australasia’s leading business events magazine, May 2014

Click here to read!

Tania de Jong’s interview with WakeUp On TEN – February 5, 2014

Why Australia needs to encourage innovation and celebrate failure. Click here to watch!

Articles 2013

Dalmau Consulting – December 16, 2013

If we dare! The possibilities of sustainable leadership

The Australian – November – December 30, 2013

Business Pulse of the nation

Smartplanet – December 4, 2013

Is Australia’s gender gap threatening economic progress?

The Sydney Morning Herald – November 27, 2013

Creative leadership in the race to the future

BRW – November 26, 2013

Hit the high notes: Lesson on business innovation from Tania de Jong

Smarter Business Ideas – 20 November 2013

A soprano’s tips for unlocking creativity

My Career, The Saturday Age – 16 November 2013

Widening the creative mix with Tania de Jong AM

A New Domain – November 2013

China Dream: How the US Will Help Make China Richer, Greener

ABC The World Today – November 13, 2013

Direct Action no better than carbon tax, says Bjorn Lomborg

The Weekend Australia – 9-12 November, 2013

Let’s talk about our future by Bjorn Lomborg

Australia Unlimited – November 6, 2013

Tania de Jong inspiring people to find their voice

Australian Jewish News – November 1, 2013

Top thinkers to feature in Ci2013

Cosmos Magazine – 28 October, 2013

The resilient environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg

The Australian – October 21, 2013

Since 1990, everything is better, even the climate, says Bjorn Lomborg

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Expect the unexpected at Creative Innovation 2013

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Sweet taste of invention

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Sustainability revolution has just begun, says Jason Drew

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

How broadband is turning education upside down, learn with Rufus Black

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Innosight’s Scott Anthony has a message of change

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Necessity has been the mother of invention for Israel, says Janet Sernack

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Why electricity will save the world, learn with Dr Alan Finkel AM

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Philanthropist Jon Duschinsky on the power of conversation

Australian Financial Review – October 21, 2013

Ideas that are changing the way we manufacture

New Land Magazine – October 2013

Ci2013: Meeting of the Minds Tania de Jong AM, Executive Producer Peter Kronborg, Director & Leadership Advisor Scott Anthony, Guest Speaker

The Australian Jewish News – October 11, 2013

A chat with Dr Alan Finkel AM

Smart Company – September 27, 2013

Six ways to develop an innovative new idea for your business

Women’s Agenda – September 25, 2013

Why it is easier for women to succeed in China explains Peggy Liu

The Australian Jewish News – September 23, 2013

The lost art of singing by Tania de Jong AM

Women’s Agenda – September 20, 2013

Why creativity is a strategic business tool by Tania de Jong AM

Start-up Smart – September 25, 2013

Start-up scholarship winners announced for major innovation conference

Leading Company – September 16, 2013

What leading a business he didn’t understand taught former ninemsn chief Steve Vamos

Smart Planet – September 4, 2013

In Melbourne, storytelling becomes big business

The Australian – September 4, 2013

Climate challenge requires new approach

Start up Smart – July 2, 2013

Scholarships available for leading innovation event

The Sydney Morning Herald – May 23, 2013

Story featuring Tania de Jong AM “From ballerina to boardroom”

African News – May 7, 2013

Ci2012 Speaker Jason Drew and Agriprotein won the UN Innovation Prize for Africa! Jason is back at Ci2013 by popular demand.

ABC News – April 23, 2013

Tania de Jong AM helping business hit the high notes

The Australian – April 8, 2013

We must tackle global warming — but not at any cost

Adam Kahane Launched his book at Ci2012

‘Transformative Scenario Planning: Working Together to Change the Future’

ABC News – February 08, 2013

One Plus One: Michael T. Jones

Spice News – January 29, 2013

Creative Innovation conference inspires Melbourne

ABC News – January 15, 2013

One Plus One featuring American scientist Professor Nadia Rosenthal

Articles 2012

Forbes – December 14, 2012

Accelerating Innovation In The New Corporate Garage with Innosight’s Scott Anthony

Lucacept – December 06, 2012

Creative Innovation 2012 organised by Tania de Jong – A conference that got me thinking

CBA Women in Focus – December 05, 2012

Ruslan Kogan – Start-Up Reality

Smart Company – December 03, 2012

Never ask a customer what they want, says Scott Anthony 

Business Spectator – November 30, 2012

Australian cure for a Dutch disease, Learn with CSIRO’s Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark

CBA Women in Focus – November 29, 2012

Tim Reid : A Killer Innovations Approach from The Ideas Guy

ABC News – November 29, 2012

Is crowd-sourcing the answer to restoring trust in government? Learn with Geoff Mulgan

ABC News – November 29, 2012

What the future holds for Google, Learn with Michael T Jones

ABC News – November 29, 2012

Interview with Google Technology Advocate Michael Jones

Melbourne Leader – November 28, 2012

Melbourne’s IQ to jump as leading minds gather for forum

The Australian – November 27, 2012

Get out of your comfort zone to advance: Vamos

Genesys Australia – November 2012

Baroness Susan Greenfield, Creative Innovation 2012, Mind, Consciousness, Working Life and is 100 the New 70?

The Age – November 24, 2012

Dr Thomas Frey says technology will change the face of art forever

Nine msn – November 24, 2012

Futurist Thomas Frey looks into the future and gives us a hint

ABC News – November 24, 2012

Walking backwards into the future with Dr Thomas Frey

Channel 10 Breakfast Show – November 23, 2012

Interview with the futurist, Dr Thomas Frey

ABC News – November 23, 2012

Rapid progress of the science of aging, Learn with Professor Nadia Rosenthal

BRW – November 23, 2012

The worst job in the world is one that’s pointless, says McKinsey & Company’s Michael Rennie

ABC News – November 22, 2012

Interview with the futurist Thomas Frey, who says 2 billion jobs will be gone from the global workforce by 2030

The Australian – November 17, 2012

10 Questions: Baroness Susan Greenfield, brain scientist

The New Zealand Herald – November 15, 2012

DaVinci Institute founder, Thomas Frey says action needed as 2 billion roles will go in digitised world

Commonwealth Bank Blog – November 14, 2012

An innovation journey by Michael Harte

Technology Spectator – November 12, 2012

Tania de Jong, a world class soprano brings a creative fix to the innovation disconnect

The Australian Jewish News – November 09, 2012

A chat with Tania de Jong AM

Momentum – UQ Business School – Issue II, 2012

Innovation – the Google way, Michael T Jones, Chief Technology Advocate, Google

Arts Hub – October 29, 2012

Are you a creative leader? By Tania de Jong AM

Creation Road Interview – October 27, 2012

Creativity and Innovation psychologist Dr Amantha Imber

Financial Review – October 24, 2012

Business beware: technology shortcuts brain power, Learn with Baroness Susan Greenfield

Financial Review – October 24, 2012

Industrial Age mindset must go: Steve Vamos

BRW – October 22, 2012

How the Internet has hijacked our brains, Learn with Baroness Susan Greenfield

Sydney Morning Herald – October 20, 2012

Council uses phone apps to give power to the people, Learn more with Geoff Mulgan

Time Out Melbourne – October 14, 2012

Engineers Without Borders: Julian O’Shea

The Mogul Post – October 14, 2012

Creative Innovation by Tania de Jong AM

Sydney Morning Herald – October 13, 2012

Unis to face high degree of change in mobile era, says Google’s CTO Michael T Jones

BRW – October 10, 2012

The Rise of the Robot Worker, learn with Thomas Frey 

Smart Company – October 09, 2012

Seven future trends you need to be aware of by famous futurist Thomas Frey

Arts Hub – October 03, 2012

Why business must value creative people by Tania de Jong AM

The Age – October 01, 2012

Nadia Rosenthal’s work could one day lead us all to the fountain of youth

Smart Company – September 25, 2012

10 ways to make your business Google friendly: Tips from Google’s chief technology advocate

The Australian – September 25, 2012

Geek mentality ‘needs support’, learn from Google’s Michael Jones

CIO – September 25, 2012

Don’t fear failure in innovation: says Google’s Michael Jones

BRW – September 24, 2012

The brain divided: An uncivil war, learn with Iain McGilchrist

PR Web – September 21, 2012

Ninefold Extends Cloud To The Creative Universe

BRW Financial Review – September 21, 2012

Doodlers are no doodlers at work, learn with Tania de Jong at Ci2012

ABC Radio – September 19, 2012

Learning how to optimise business with Prof Richard Rumelt

Boss Financial Review – September 14, 2012

Where my ideas come from by Michael T. Jones

Leading Company – September 12, 2012

Why your strategy isn’t working? Ideas from Ci2012 speaker Prof Richard Rumelt

Chinese Magazine – September 2012

Interview with Tania de Jong AM

Creation Road Blog – September 2012

Interview with Environmental Capitalist and Entrepreneur Jason Drew

IdN Singapore – September 2012

Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2012

Herald Sun -September 05, 2012

Mindfulness the key to understanding your brain, says Prof Ian McGilchrist

News Limited Network – September 04, 2012

Teacherless classrooms the way of the future, Learn from Dr Frey

News Limited Network – September 03, 2012

First generation of computer programmers to die and skills shortage leaves software vulnerable, Learn from Professor Frey

Creation Road Blog – August 2012

Interview with Baroness Susan Greenfield

Spark Magazine – August 2012

Read the interview of Mao’s Last Dancer’s Li Cunxin about his pathway to success from page 8 to 11

Herald Sun – August 23, 2012

Flying TVs, driverless pizza delivery drones ‘just 10 years away’, the futurologist Thomas Frey predicts

News Limited Network – August 23, 2012

Flying TVs, driverless pizza delivery drones ‘just 10 years away’, the futurologist Thomas Frey predicts

The Australian – August 20, 2012

Career pathways could let us ‘lead world’ in science by Nadia Rosenthal

The Age – August 17, 2012

Harness information to reinvigorate your thinking with Nicholas Gruen

The Conversation – August 8, 2012

Your brain on the internet: A response to Susan Greenfield

The Sydney Morning Herald – August 7, 2012

How digital culture is rewiring our brains by Susan Greenfield

Creation Road Blog – August 3, 2012

Creativity and the mind by Baroness Susan Greenfield

Dynamic Business – July 27, 2012

Seeing employees as a source of innovation by Tania de Jong AM

Australian Anthill – July 25, 2012

CI Conference is back this year to solve ‘wicked problems’

Creation Road Blog – June 26, 2012

Creative Innovation 2012

Small Business Big Marketing – May 29, 2012

Talking business building & creativity with Tania de Jong AM

Creation Road Blog – April 26, 2012

Creation Road Interview featuring Tania de Jong AM

Australian Business Solutions – 2012

Creativity: The Strategic Tool Of The Twenty-first Century by Tania de Jong AM

Australian Business Solutions – 2012

Adapt For Gen Y, Or Die by Victor Finkel

Spark Magazine – February/March 2012

Hitting the high notes

The Age – Business Day, January 19, 2012

Australia lagging in innovation

ABC Radio National – Big Ideas, January 30, 2012

Ray Kurzweil’s keynote speech and Q &A hosted by Michael Pope at Creative Innovation 2011

Imagination at Work, January 2012

We are delighted to present some special highlights of key speakers at Ci2011 courtesy of GE click here to view

People & the Planet, January 11 2012

Food security a looming crisis click here to view

Articles 2011

One Thousand and One, December 2011

Gen Y’s have the perfect attributes for innovation click here to view

Australian Policy Online, December 12 2011

Wicked Problems: do they exist and does it matter? Click here to view

Public Sector Innovation, December 13 2011

Ways to implement creative thinking – by Alana Smith click here to view

Australian Anthill, December 8 2011

How to process information exponentially without your head exploding – by Ben Flavel I have a crush on Ray Kurzweil’s brain. He was just one of an impressive line-up of speakers at Creative Innovation 2011 but he was the main reason I was there… click here to view The Australian, November 28 2011 Raymond Kurzweil solves problems in his sleep – by Brad Howarth click here to view

One Thousand & One, December 5 2011

3 desires that drive us to connect – by Yamini Naidu click here to view The Why’s of Gen Y – by Gabrielle Dolan click here to view

Weekly Times, November 30 2011

Farmers key to food security – by Genevieve Barlow click here to view

My Business, November 24 2011

Reprogramming DNA: Raymond Kurzweil on technological leaps without boundaries click here to view

Technology Spectator, November 29 2011

Futureproofing your CIO – bySupratim Adhikari click here to view

Blog: Genesis Psychometric Assessment

Creative Innovation 2011: Creativity, Innovation and Business – by Lynette Jensen click here to view

The Australia, November 29 2011

The 11-year-old centenarian, with chip – by Stephen Lunn click here to view

Technology Spectator, November 21 2011

Kurzweil’s Singular Vision – by Supratim Adhilkari click here to view

My Business, November 21 2011

Edward de Bono says systematic creativity needed for business success – by Nicola Card click here to view

Blueboat Blog, November 22 2011

A Master Class with Brendan Boyle click here to view

The Weekend Australian, November 19-20 2011

Business Pulse of the Nation – Teresa Ooi click here to view

720 ABC Perth, November 19 2011

‘The Big Interview’ with Stephen Heppell. click here to view

3AW with Denis Walter, November 15 2011

Interview with Edward de Bono click here to view

Melbourne Talk Radio, November 15 2011

Edward de Bono speaks to Melbourne Talk Radio in the lead-up to his role in Ci2011. click here to view

Melbourne Talk Radio, November 15 2011

Daniel Dennett speaks to Melbourne Talk Radio in the lead-up to his role in Ci2011. click here to view

ABC News, November 15 2011

AI: Kurzweil on the next stage. American inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil discusses his predictions for human-computer interaction and augmented reality applications. click here to view

ABC 774, The Conversation Hour, November 15 2011

Ray Kurzweil is a scientist and inventor who argues that computers will be sentient very soon. He’s also researched nutrition and longevity, with startling results. click here to view

ABC Radio National, Life Matters, November 15 2011

Ray Kurzweil predicts humans and robots merging into humanoids in less than a 100 years. click here to view

BOSS Magazine, November 2011

‘The Web within us’ by Narelle Hooper Inventor Ray Kurzweil tells Narelle Hooper whywe have to catch up to the speed of technology. THINK ABOUT that smartphone in your hand.Imagine all that processing power and muchmore – only smaller and more functional. Tinyreally. Inside your body perhaps. It’s maybeenough to make you shift uncomfortably… click here to view

The Age, November 14 2011

‘National curriculum means lack of state competition’ by Jewel Topsfield AUSTRALIA is in danger of killing innovation with its centralist education reforms such as the national curriculum and NAPLAN tests, according to a leading British educator. Stephen Heppell said the autonomy of the states meant they were able to develop their own educational programs, with Western Australia, for example, becoming a world leader in multimedia in the 1980s. click here to view

The Age, November 12 2011

‘Bright ideas need nurturing’ by Ruth Williams PADDY Miller has been tracking corporate leaders for 20 years – watching them, writing down their thoughts, following them from job to job, country to country – in some cases, throughout their careers. At companies including Abbott Laboratories, Bacardi, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Ericsson, Nike and Goodyear, he’s tried to crack the elusive concept of innovation – who is good at it, how do you foster it, and once an idea has germinated, how it becomes reality. click here to view

The Age, November 9 2011

‘Profile: Steve Vamos’ by Lucinda Schmidt This industry leader believes a company’s best assets are its happy staff… click here to view

SPARK Magazine, October / November 2011

‘Creativity is the key to your business future’ click here to view

The Age, November 6 2011

‘Androids and angels’ by Nick Miller Futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil believes humans will soon be able to live forever with the help of computers. Barmy or brilliant? click here to view

Education Review, November 2011

‘The man who put a second ‘e’ in Learning’ The stretched budgets of governments across the world could lead to the dawn of thelearning revolution, says Stephen Heppell – leading educator from the UK. click here to view

‘The Creative Innovation Conference You Don’t Want to Miss’ by Gavin Heaton In almost every presentation I give, there is some reference to Ray Kurzweil, a nod to Edward de Bono and a smattering of the design thinking process that came from IDEO. And I am sure I am not alone…. click here to view

Brisbane Times, November 2 2011

‘Profile: Alison Watkins’ by Lucinda Schmidt AlisonWatkins is passionate about making sure Australia is producing as much food as possible. She will speak on the topic of food security at Creative Innovation 2011. click here to view

Australian Anthill

Think clever. Think big. That’s the motto of the Creative Innovation 2011’s two day conference in Melbourne. click here to view

Star newspaper, Werribee 20 October 2011

As some of the biggest names in business innovation descend upon Melbourne, one well-known Werribee resident will be among them. click here to view

Sydney Morning Herald, October 15 2011

‘Ballooning Prospects’ Creative play builds corporate possibilities, argues Australia-bound designer, innovator and optimist Brendan Boyle. click here to view

Fast Thinking, August 2011

‘Simon McKeon to present at Creative Innovation 2011’ click here to view

Business Review Weekly Online, 30 September 2011

‘Palace for our thoughts downunder’ D’Angelo Fisher click here to view

Convention & Incentive Marketing, September 2011

‘High note set for innovation event’ click here to view

Business Review Weekly, September 2011

‘De Bono’s Palace’ by Leo’ D’Angelo Fisher click here to view

Micenet Australia Magazine, September 2011

‘Microsoft Innovation’ – Ci2011 presenter &  Microsoft Australia General Manager Pip Marlow talks about Ci2011, creativity & innovation. click here to view

VECCI Business Excellence magazine, Spring 2011

‘Shaping the Future – Ci2011’ click here to view

Business Spectator’s CEO Hub – September 2011

Alan Kohler interviewed Charles Kovess on Business Spectator’s CEO Hub, part of the Leadership section of that excellent online news magazine You can see the 10 minute interview here. Alan asked Charles some interesting questions, and got some interesting answers:

  • What is the most important capability of an effective leader?
  • What is passion, and why is it relevant for a leader?
  • What is the important link between passion and the most important leadership capability?
  • How do you gain this most important leadership capability?
  • Why do CEO’s regard ‘soft’ issues as not sufficiently important?
  • Isn’t it problematic to show any weakness as a leader?
  • What are your views on physical health and effective leadership?
  • How is your sex life related to your leadership effectiveness?
  • How can leaders increase the productivity of their people?
  • How can leaders improve their ability to handle the significant stresses and strains of their positions?

Take a look at the interview: you will get some interesting ideas and perhaps even some provocative ones!

Qantas Magazine – September 2011

‘Introducing, on lead vocals…’ Soprano Tania de Jong unleashes individual potential by tapping the power of song within – Deborah Tarrant click here to view

Business Review Weekly – 11 August 2011

‘Thinking for our times’ click here to view

Third Sector (Cover Story) – August 2011

How can leaders and organisations from all sectors manage change and stay ahead? Creative Innovation 2011 will provide the answers. click here to view

The Weekly Review – May 13 2011

‘Creative Innovation launch 2011’ Sofitel Melbourne on Collins hosted the launch of Creative Innovation 2011. Attended by the Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells, the event revealed the Ci2011 program and also included some inspirational thoughts, delicious hors d’oeuvres and a performance by Melbourne Sings Choir. click here to view

Articles 2010

MICE Magazine – October 2010

‘Best Conference EVER’ click here to view

Business21C – May 19 2010

‘A management consultant, an economist and a banker walk into a bar… ‘ click here to view

Australian Financial Review – August 10 2010

The Key to Competitiveness? It’s all in our imagination click here to view

The Age – August 14 2010

Encounter with Austin Williams – A contrarian with a big idea for mankind click here to view

The Age – August 17 2010

Forget shares: why not invest in your own creative capital? click here to view

The Age Business – August 24 2010

Engaging heart and mind helps worker cognition – Steve Vamos click here to view

The Australian – August 27 2010

The Red Dragon gets a free ride – Edward Luttwak click here to view

Qantas Magazine – September 2010

Talking Business with Alan Kohler. Interview with Tania de Jong begins on p13 click here to view – September 1 2010

It’s business as unusual in Federal Parliament click here to view

The Australian – September 6 2010

Think out of the box, stay in the game click here to view – September 1 2010

Edward de Bono click here to view

The Age – September 6 2010

Man of many talents – A story on Stefan Cassomenos click here to view

Australian Anthill – May 28 2010

Tania de Jong talks about how her grandmother patented the foldable umbrella (then lost it) click here to view

National Times – September 8 2010

Office buzz cuts deep into deep thinking click here to view

"Best Conference EVER" - Micenet Australia Magazine