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One Thousand and One, December 2011

Gen Y’s have the perfect attributes for innovation click here to view

Australian Policy Online, December 12 2011

Wicked Problems: do they exist and does it matter? Click here to view

Public Sector Innovation, December 13 2011

Ways to implement creative thinking – by Alana Smith click here to view

Australian Anthill, December 8 2011

How to process information exponentially without your head exploding – by Ben Flavel I have a crush on Ray Kurzweil’s brain. He was just one of an impressive line-up of speakers at Creative Innovation 2011 but he was the main reason I was there… click here to view The Australian, November 28 2011 Raymond Kurzweil solves problems in his sleep – by Brad Howarth click here to view

One Thousand & One, December 5 2011

3 desires that drive us to connect – by Yamini Naidu click here to view The Why’s of Gen Y – by Gabrielle Dolan click here to view

Weekly Times, November 30 2011

Farmers key to food security – by Genevieve Barlow click here to view

My Business, November 24 2011

Reprogramming DNA: Raymond Kurzweil on technological leaps without boundaries click here to view

Technology Spectator, November 29 2011

Futureproofing your CIO – bySupratim Adhikari click here to view

Blog: Genesis Psychometric Assessment

Creative Innovation 2011: Creativity, Innovation and Business – by Lynette Jensen click here to view

The Australia, November 29 2011

The 11-year-old centenarian, with chip – by Stephen Lunn click here to view

Technology Spectator, November 21 2011

Kurzweil’s Singular Vision – by Supratim Adhilkari click here to view

My Business, November 21 2011

Edward de Bono says systematic creativity needed for business success – by Nicola Card click here to view

Blueboat Blog, November 22 2011

A Master Class with Brendan Boyle click here to view

The Weekend Australian, November 19-20 2011

Business Pulse of the Nation – Teresa Ooi click here to view

720 ABC Perth, November 19 2011

‘The Big Interview’ with Stephen Heppell. click here to view

3AW with Denis Walter, November 15 2011

Interview with Edward de Bono click here to view

Melbourne Talk Radio, November 15 2011

Edward de Bono speaks to Melbourne Talk Radio in the lead-up to his role in Ci2011. click here to view

Melbourne Talk Radio, November 15 2011

Daniel Dennett speaks to Melbourne Talk Radio in the lead-up to his role in Ci2011. click here to view

ABC News, November 15 2011

AI: Kurzweil on the next stage. American inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil discusses his predictions for human-computer interaction and augmented reality applications. click here to view

ABC 774, The Conversation Hour, November 15 2011

Ray Kurzweil is a scientist and inventor who argues that computers will be sentient very soon. He’s also researched nutrition and longevity, with startling results. click here to view

ABC Radio National, Life Matters, November 15 2011

Ray Kurzweil predicts humans and robots merging into humanoids in less than a 100 years. click here to view

BOSS Magazine, November 2011

‘The Web within us’ by Narelle Hooper Inventor Ray Kurzweil tells Narelle Hooper whywe have to catch up to the speed of technology. THINK ABOUT that smartphone in your hand.Imagine all that processing power and muchmore – only smaller and more functional. Tinyreally. Inside your body perhaps. It’s maybeenough to make you shift uncomfortably… click here to view

The Age, November 14 2011

‘National curriculum means lack of state competition’ by Jewel Topsfield AUSTRALIA is in danger of killing innovation with its centralist education reforms such as the national curriculum and NAPLAN tests, according to a leading British educator. Stephen Heppell said the autonomy of the states meant they were able to develop their own educational programs, with Western Australia, for example, becoming a world leader in multimedia in the 1980s. click here to view

The Age, November 12 2011

‘Bright ideas need nurturing’ by Ruth Williams PADDY Miller has been tracking corporate leaders for 20 years – watching them, writing down their thoughts, following them from job to job, country to country – in some cases, throughout their careers. At companies including Abbott Laboratories, Bacardi, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Ericsson, Nike and Goodyear, he’s tried to crack the elusive concept of innovation – who is good at it, how do you foster it, and once an idea has germinated, how it becomes reality. click here to view

The Age, November 9 2011

‘Profile: Steve Vamos’ by Lucinda Schmidt This industry leader believes a company’s best assets are its happy staff… click here to view

SPARK Magazine, October / November 2011

‘Creativity is the key to your business future’ click here to view

The Age, November 6 2011

‘Androids and angels’ by Nick Miller Futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil believes humans will soon be able to live forever with the help of computers. Barmy or brilliant? click here to view

Education Review, November 2011

‘The man who put a second ‘e’ in Learning’ The stretched budgets of governments across the world could lead to the dawn of thelearning revolution, says Stephen Heppell – leading educator from the UK. click here to view

‘The Creative Innovation Conference You Don’t Want to Miss’ by Gavin Heaton In almost every presentation I give, there is some reference to Ray Kurzweil, a nod to Edward de Bono and a smattering of the design thinking process that came from IDEO. And I am sure I am not alone…. click here to view

Brisbane Times, November 2 2011

‘Profile: Alison Watkins’ by Lucinda Schmidt AlisonWatkins is passionate about making sure Australia is producing as much food as possible. She will speak on the topic of food security at Creative Innovation 2011. click here to view

Australian Anthill

Think clever. Think big. That’s the motto of the Creative Innovation 2011’s two day conference in Melbourne. click here to view

Star newspaper, Werribee 20 October 2011

As some of the biggest names in business innovation descend upon Melbourne, one well-known Werribee resident will be among them. click here to view

Sydney Morning Herald, October 15 2011

‘Ballooning Prospects’ Creative play builds corporate possibilities, argues Australia-bound designer, innovator and optimist Brendan Boyle. click here to view

Fast Thinking, August 2011

‘Simon McKeon to present at Creative Innovation 2011’ click here to view

Business Review Weekly Online, 30 September 2011

‘Palace for our thoughts downunder’ D’Angelo Fisher click here to view

Convention & Incentive Marketing, September 2011

‘High note set for innovation event’ click here to view

Business Review Weekly, September 2011

‘De Bono’s Palace’ by Leo’ D’Angelo Fisher click here to view

Micenet Australia Magazine, September 2011

‘Microsoft Innovation’ – Ci2011 presenter &  Microsoft Australia General Manager Pip Marlow talks about Ci2011, creativity & innovation. click here to view

VECCI Business Excellence magazine, Spring 2011

‘Shaping the Future – Ci2011’ click here to view

Business Spectator’s CEO Hub – September 2011

Alan Kohler interviewed Charles Kovess on Business Spectator’s CEO Hub, part of the Leadership section of that excellent online news magazine You can see the 10 minute interview here. Alan asked Charles some interesting questions, and got some interesting answers:

  • What is the most important capability of an effective leader?
  • What is passion, and why is it relevant for a leader?
  • What is the important link between passion and the most important leadership capability?
  • How do you gain this most important leadership capability?
  • Why do CEO’s regard ‘soft’ issues as not sufficiently important?
  • Isn’t it problematic to show any weakness as a leader?
  • What are your views on physical health and effective leadership?
  • How is your sex life related to your leadership effectiveness?
  • How can leaders increase the productivity of their people?
  • How can leaders improve their ability to handle the significant stresses and strains of their positions?

Take a look at the interview: you will get some interesting ideas and perhaps even some provocative ones!

Qantas Magazine – September 2011

‘Introducing, on lead vocals…’ Soprano Tania de Jong unleashes individual potential by tapping the power of song within – Deborah Tarrant click here to view

Business Review Weekly – 11 August 2011

‘Thinking for our times’ click here to view

Third Sector (Cover Story) – August 2011

How can leaders and organisations from all sectors manage change and stay ahead? Creative Innovation 2011 will provide the answers. click here to view

The Weekly Review – May 13 2011

‘Creative Innovation launch 2011’ Sofitel Melbourne on Collins hosted the launch of Creative Innovation 2011. Attended by the Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells, the event revealed the Ci2011 program and also included some inspirational thoughts, delicious hors d’oeuvres and a performance by Melbourne Sings Choir. click here to view

"Best Conference EVER" - Micenet Australia Magazine