Articles 2017

Ideapod, Are humans at risk of becoming second-class citizens to our smarter AI brothers and sisters? November 2017
One day human beings will become one with technology, will merge with machines. Read the article

Ideapod, With robots taking over our jobs, you have an important choice to make, November 2017
How is a new graduate or job seeker meant to react to this? Read the article

The Mandarin, Leading teams: learning to be coach, not star player,  November 2017
Being a “control-oriented, mistake-averse know-it-all” might help lots of leaders make it to the top, but rapid change means listening, learning and leveraging networks are becoming increasingly important.  Read the article

The Mandarin, Inequality and unemployment ‘a choice’ governments make, says jobs dept boss,  November 2017
In this era of automation and declining manufacturing, many worry that a large chunk of the working population will be left jobless. Read the article

Ideapod, The one thing each of us can do to take back control from the government, November 2017
Interview with Peter Hunt AM on social dislocation. Read the article

Ideapod, Why this man got an antenna implanted in his skull, November 2017
Interview with Neil Harbisson on being trans-species. Read the article

ABC Radio National, Could an AI robot be our future friend? with Aleksandra Przegalinska,  November 2017
We all need a good friend, someone who can read our moods and react accordingly, But are we prepared to hand over our emotional intelligence to machines?  Listen to the interview

Ideapod, The top 5 regrets of the dying (And how knowing them helps you live a better life),  November 2017
What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to be Human? Read the article

The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Creative Innovation asks: are we ready for the age of acceleration?, November 2017
Organiser Tania de Jong AM and her husband Peter Hunt AM, are visited by The Age/The Sydney Morning Herald to talk about future tech, AI, 2025 future predictions and more. Read the article

The Australian, Learning to live with, and control, intelligent machines, November 2017
Artificial intelligence and automation may or may not be the death knell of society as we know it, but there’s a growing chorus of voices calling for us to re-evaluate our relationship with technology. Read the article

Techly, Ai: Artificial Intelligence, or Australia’s Inequality?, November 2017
The robot revolution is inevitable. In fact, you could comfortably say it’s already upon us. Read the article

Lateline, Debate: What does it mean to be human in the age of AI and transhumanism?, November 2017
What does it mean to be human today? And when does a human become something else? We ask ‘cyborg-activist’ Neil Harbisson and AI expert Aleksandra Przegalinska. Watch the video

Huff Post, Mindhacking: What You Need To Know, November 2017
Can you hack your mind to success? Read the article

Blockchain: How is it bringing power to the people and how is that impacting the future of your business?, November 2017
If I was sending you an email, would I ask you if you are going to check it on your iphone, your tablet, your PC or your laptop? Read the article

Techly, So what the hell happened to innovation in Australia? We chat with Dr Charles Day to find out!, November 2017
Which Australian industries are leading the way in terms of innovation? Read the article

Disciplined Disruption Podcast, featuring Creative Innovation Catalyst Tania de Jong, October 2017
Tania de Jong the organiser and mind behind the conference is the special guest on the Podcast to talk about Human Intelligence and how we can prepare for what is coming. Listen to the interview on Itunes or Visit the Disciplined Disruption Podcast Website

Create Digital, People program AI, so what happens when they get hacked?, October 2017
When it comes to AI, do we live in a hack-or-be-hacked world? Read the article

Techly, A philosopher predicts how and when robots will destroy humanity, September 2017
In the flurry of progress, rarely do we stop to consider the ethics and morality of our advancement. Aleksandra Przegalinska considers it every day. Read the article

Techly, See the world from a cyborg’s point of view: A chat with Neil Harbisson, August 2017
It’s not often that a self-professed ‘trans-species’ visits Australia. Read the article

ProBono Australia, Agility = The Most Important Word for Today’s Leaders, August 2017
Get ready for the future at the Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific conference taking place 13-15 November 2017 in Melbourne, writes entrepreneur Tania de Jong AM. Read the article


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