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ABC Radio National, Big Ideas, Shaping technology to be a social benefit to all, May 2019

We have the technology but do we have the ability to manage it?
This special episode of Big Ideas features the full length audio recording of the Ci2019 Deep Conversation with Paul Cobban (Singapore), Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK), Dr Geoff Mulgan CBE (UK), Lord Adair Turner (UK), Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK) & Dr Simon Longstaff moderated by Peter Hunt AM. Listen to the episode >

Your Money, Interview with Ticky Fullerton, April 2019

In this episode Ticky Fullerton speaks with Ci2019 speaker & chairman of the Energy Transitions Commission Lord Adair Turner about climate change. Watch the interview from 30 min 30sec onwards >

Skynews Australia, Automation to alter current workforce landscape, April 2019

Some roles in Australia’s current workforce could be soon be rendered obsolete due to the rapid development of automation and technology. Ci2019 Speakers Lord Adair Turner (UK), Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Tania de Jong AM & Peter Hunt AM discuss key trends about the future of work, AI & automation. Watch the interview >

The Australian, Time for tech to tackle AI’s big questions’, April 2019

It’s the age-old question. Should a driverless car swerve on to the footpath — potentially hurting a pedestrian — to avoid hitting a dog on the road? Tania De Jong, founder of Creative Universe and Creativity Australia , said over time most current work activities could be automated and replaced by AI. She said this would require people to be very resilient and creative , and prepared to constantly retrain for new types of work as existing jobs became redundant. Read the article >

The Australian, Giants’ power ‘a serious problem’, April 2019

Big technology companies have written people out of the innovation equation, according to Kathleen Richardson, and regulating the likes of Facebook and Google is a necessary step in managing technology’s impact on people’s lives. “Technology has ended up directing our attention towards objects rather than people, and that’s a serious problem,” Professor Richardson said. Read the article (subscriber content)Read the pdf article >

Smartcompany, Expert warns artificial intelligence will have a “huge impact” on small businesses — but won’t take your job just yet, April 2019

An Australian artificial intelligence expert has warned that AI will have a “huge impact” on the country’s small businesses but believes SMEs are well placed to quickly adapt to significant changes in the market. Emma Martinho-Truswell is the co-founder of Sydney technology consultancy Oxford Insights and has advised governments both locally and across the world on technology policy, having previously worked in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Read the article >

The Australian, AI robots will worsen inequality, March 2019

The rise of artificial intelligence and increased automation of the workforce could accentuate the “winner-takes-all effect” in society and accelerate inequality, according to a senior research fellow at a think tank founded by multi-billionaire George Soros. Read the article >

The Australian Financial Review, ‘Devastating’: Robots to take 6.5 million jobs, March 2019

Microsoft Australia managing director Steven Worrall and Telstra executive Michael Ebeid warn that business, governments and workers are woefully unprepared for robots to displace up to 6.5 million jobs. The pair join tech heavyweights such as Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes and venture capitalist Daniel Petre who warn “we need to act now”, ahead of a major conference kicking off on Monday to urge action. Read the article (subscriber content) /  Read the pdf article >

The Australian, Ethics and governance at the Centre of AI Summit, March 2019

Ci2019 speakers Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK), Professor Toby Walsh & Tania de Jong AM discuss the upcoming Ci2019 summit. Read the article (subscriber content)Read the pdf article >

Double J, New Bibio and the future of creativity, March 2019

And have you ever heard of sound medicine, Vagus nerve stimulation or dream hacking? Dr Carl Smith talks with Tim about some of the exciting technologies on the horizon that will change our relationship with sound. Read the article >

The Ethics Centre, If humans bully robots there will be consequences, March 2019

The Ethics Centre featuring Tania de Jong and other leaders. Read the article >

The Australian Financial Review, UK regulatory expert backs call for higher bank capital, March 2019

The former head of bank regulation in the United Kingdom has backed the New Zealand Reserve Bank’s plan to force the big four banks to hold about $12 billion in additional equity capital. Read the article (subscriber content)Read the pdf article >

The Australian Financial Review, Path clear to zero carbon economy, March 2019

Lord Adair Turner, who will join 40 other global innovators and leaders presenting at Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne next month, says the use of thermal coal will fall by 18 per cent by 2040 and the use of oil will decline by 30 to 35 per cent by then. Read the article (subscriber content) /  Read the pdf article >

The Victorian Connection, The innovation conference helping businesses unlock their creative potential, February 2019

The multi award-winning summit – Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific – kicks off in Melbourne this April.  Read the article >

Biz Events Asia, Q&A with TEDxMelbourne curator, Jon Yeo, March 2019

In the lead-up to Creative Innovation 2019 (Ci2019), Biz Events Asia sits down with TEDxMelbourne curator Jon Yeo, who will be addressing audiences at the Melbourne event next month.  Read the article >

Bendigo Advertiser, Rural innovator gets national platform, February 2019

Castlemaine’s Kerry Anderson has been awarded a scholarship for finding innovative solutions in a time of disruption. Read the article >

The Examiner, Otlet scientific sample sharing platform co-founded in Tasmania, February 2019

Ci2019 selected nine emerging Australian entrepreneurs, including Ms Green and fellow Tasmanian Claire Bremner who founded kelp harvesting and promotion enterprise KELPD, from a pool of more than 60. Read the article >

North Shore Times, Entrepreneur gets a leg up for his start-up, February 2019

Making sense of traffic and transport data has won a Northbridge university student a $10,000 innovators scholarship. Read the article >

Boss Magazine, Rise of the machines, February 2019

One of the big decisions leaders are beginning to face is where to use artificial intelligence – and where not to. Read this interview with Ci2019 speaker Emma Martinho-Truswell. Read the article >

Women Love Tech, Go Girl Go World: Tania de Jong brings young women and AI together, February 2019

This year de Jong is championing the development of young female innovators with a new series of talks titled Go Girl Go World. The purpose of the talks is to leave young women, ages 15-24, feeling inspired to participate in STEM and other “Human Intelligence 2.0” industries. Read the article >

Australasian Special Events, Hot Spots, Master Classes and artists-in-residence: Melbourne creative innovation conference back for another year, January 2019

Soprano and Entrepreneur, Tania de Jong AM speaks with Australasian Special Events to share insights on what to expect at Ci2019. Read the article >

Switzer Daily Podcast with Peter Switzer, January 2019

Listen to this interview (from 21 minutes onward) about Creative Innovation 2019 with founder Tania de Jong. Listen to the podcast >

The world’s most innovative thinkers to gather in Melbourne for Creative Innovation 2019, January 2019

Read the media release >

Go Girl Go Global in Melbourne for Creative Innovation, January 2019

Read the media release >

Australia needs diversity to keep the creative juices flowing, The Fifth Estate, December 2018

Soprano and Entrepreneur, Tania de Jong AM, provides her thought-leadership on how Australian innovation can catch up with the US. Tania is a strong advocate of diversity and by combining this with a blend of creativity and a willingness to experiment, she believes that we can deliver a prosperous future for all. Read the article >

Creative Innovation not quashed by C2 failure, Biz Events Asia, December 2018

Event entrepreneur, Tania de Jong, explains why some event models succeed and others fail. Tania believes competitive success depends on the implementation of creative ideas, and the ability to keep up with an ever-changing world. Read the article >

Tania de Jong champions the power of music, ABC, November 2018

Tania de Jong AM has a passion for music. She is not only a world-renowned soprano singer but is also an award-winning social innovator, having established two non-for-profit organisations ‘Creativity Australia’ and ‘Creative Universe’. Tania joins Jennie Lenman to talk about her philosophy and the value of her choir social inclusion programs. Audio >

We have to deal with loneliness in the workplace, HRM Online,  July 2018

Loneliness is being touted as the next big public health epidemic. But why is this a workplace issue? Read the article >

Ci2017: A post-conference policy directions and reflections paper for Australia’s future, Terry Barnes, April 2018

For three days in November 2017, people from around the world gathered in Melbourne for the latest in the Creative Innovation conference series, Ci2017.

Over 600 delegates and more than 40 speakers joined together at the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins.  They came from business, government, academia, not-for-profit organisations, the media and the arts.  Over 15 nationalities were represented, and all were treated to a challenge to the mind, to the senses and to the world in which we live.

The theme of Ci2017 was Human Intelligence 2.0: Thriving in the Age of Acceleration.  And from the start it was clear to everyone that the future is accelerating at a startling rate. Read the policy directions and reflections paper >

"Best Conference EVER" - Micenet Australia Magazine