Network and Meet at Ci2011

This option is only available for registered delegates to any events at Ci2011

Ci2011 and Optimice are working together to bring you a new and exciting way to connect with other participants who share your interests around innovation.

By filling out a 1 minute survey we will connect you with like-minded participants in an online interactive map. You will be able to reach out to these people either before, during or after the conference. Remember ­It’s Networking or Not Working!

When you fill in the form and click submit the map will show you and your connections. If you come back later, then just search for your name. On the map click on a person you would like to meet and then click ‘send email’ to introduce yourself…it’s that simple!

(If you want to update your areas of interest, just re-submit your survey response using the same email address)


Network map


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