The Event

“The challenges and opportunities of
a super-connected world”

Ci2011 Program

On this page you will find details of the program for the two day conference and for the pre-conference master classes and deep conversations. Roll your mouse over each speaker’s photograph to find a summary then click to read the detail.

Alternatively, you can download abbreviated or full versions of the program:


The Master Class series offers a choice of ten 3 hour in-depth strategic thinking and skills development programs. The world-class presenters include Edward de Bono (UK), Brendan Boyle (USA), and other leaders in their field.

Designed to deliver increased leadership skills and strategic thinking processes, participants will learn how to unlock areas for future business and personal success. This is an intense and rewarding professional development and thought leadership program for business leaders and emerging talent.

Master Classes can be booked as part of a package, or independently for a stand-alone fee ranging from $245 – $370, depending on the chosen session.


The Deep Conversations will be an opportunity to share in-depth viewpoints with world class Thought Leaders about some of the key issues facing the future of our civilisation today. It will be dialogue, not monologue! The sessions will be facilitated by leading moderators.

Deep Conversations can be booked as part of a package, or independently for a stand-alone fee of $120.

16 November: Pre-Conference Master Classes & Deep Conversations

17 November: Creative Innovation 2011 - DAY ONE

8:45 am:  The Official Opening of Ci2011 with special VIP guests

Poet in Residence: Philip Salom
Composer in Residence: Stefan Cassomenos
Diva in Residence & Executive Producer: Tania de Jong AM
Artist in Residence: Jessamy Gee
Graphic Recordist in Residence: Gavin Blake
Chairs and Moderators: Hugh Morgan AC, Sir Gus Nossal AC, Adrienne Clarke AC, Professor Allan Fels AO, Richard Hames, Narelle Hooper, Kate Mills
Provocateurs: Tim Wilson, Nicholas Gruen

Each session will involve keynote speakers, a scholarship winner (60 seconds) and will be followed by Q & A and debate with the audience.


FREE one hour workshop (open to all delegates)

18 November: Creative Innovation 2011 - DAY TWO

Exploiting the Emergent: Technology and the Future (60 minute keynote incl. Q&A)


"Best Conference EVER" - Micenet Australia Magazine