Create better outcomes by thinking like an artist

Mo Fox

Mo Fox

Accomplished mixed media artist with a background in strategy; author, speaker, trainer and coach; Director of The Strategy Studio and the creator of Studio Thinking™, a methodology that uses art practices to achieve business results.

16 November (9.30am – 12.30pm) including morning refreshments

Even the bastions of business like McKinsey’s and IBM agree that your success in the next decade will be determined by how differently and creatively you think.  Which is why you need to think like an artist. Thinking like an artist means you can tap into your own creative intuition, get to the heart of whatever you are doing and then use the resources you already have to create what you want.  And above all, it means you can see things differently.

Which is why I’ll teach you how to draw. Well. In just 3 hours.
Impossible? Not even remotely. Everyone who can write legibly can draw.  The trick is learning to see and then to use the skills you already have to transform the outcomes you’re getting into results beyond anything you thought possible.  (Now where else in your life and business would that be useful?)

You’ll walk away with: