Is this the death of education and the dawn of learning?

Deep Conversation with

Professor Stephen Heppell Brendan Boyle Adrienne Clarke

Prof Stephen Heppell (UK), Brendan Boyle (USA), Prof Adrienne Clarke AC (Australia)

16 November (10.00am – 12.30pm)

People plus technology breaks cartels. Everyone from the music industry to tin pot dictators are coming to realise this. But the structures and strictures of our formal education system are under threat too, and probably about time. There have been few stronger cartels than the university system. Suddenly, children, undergraduates, mums, CEOs, everyone are realising that they have options when it comes to learning and they are increasingly reaching out for those new options. This has the potential for a bottom-up revolution in our learning lives, a pedagogic Egypt so to speak. It may be the death of education as we know it, but rather excitingly it looks already like a true dawn of learning.