Juicy thinking is whole-brained thinking

Joanna Maxwell

Joanna Maxwell

Owner of WorkInColour, coach, creative thinker, trainer and writer; Inventor of programs such as Juicy Thinking™ and The Escape Hatch™ (exit strategies for unhappy professionals)

16 November (2:00pm – 5:00pm) including afternoon refreshments

Juicy ThinkingTM is whole-brained thinking. It combines logical and creative thinking – and lets you feel the power of putting your whole brain to work. It’s about applied creative thinking, the ‘rubber hits the road’ stuff. This Master Class will give you hands-on experience of the latest techniques, with some twists and tricks you won’t see everywhere else. You’ll leave inspired and ready to use these new tools, not just to adapt and survive in changing times, but to flourish.

In this very practical and interactive session you’ll answer the ‘What’s in it for me?’ question, and you’ll discover:

“We had a fantastic time with Joanna during our workshop. She is a great facilitator and got the whole team thinking differently. We really enjoyed the scenarios she threw at us and we all used the tools and skills Joanna taught us immediately with great results.” Australian Broadcasting Corporation