Strategies for creative thinking

Dr Edward de Bono

Dr Edward de Bono (UK)

The leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill; Founder of the Six Thinking Hats® technique; Originator of the concept – and formal tools – of Lateral Thinking; Best-selling author: The Use of Lateral Thinking.

16 November (9.30am – 12.30pm) including morning refreshments

Would you like to tap into your vast resources of creative potential?

Would you like to explore new and better ways of thinking and extend your repertoire of thinking skills and strategies?

Creative Thinking is a valuable resource, which is becoming increasingly more important if we are to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by our fast-changing world.

Dr Edward de Bono will present a Master Class in Creativity at Creative Innovation 2011. This Master Class is a rare opportunity to learn practical strategies and tools from the master of creative thinking himself, tools which will be invaluable in your professional, social, academic and personal life.

Professor Edward de Bono, one of the world’s most pre-eminent thinkers, is the inventor of Lateral Thinking and the very popular “Six Thinking Hats” framework. Based on an understanding of how the brain works as a self-organising information system, Edward de Bono has designed powerful and simple specific thinking tools to maximize the creative process, which can be learned by anyone and used in a deliberate manner.

The Master Class will be useful to all those who are interested in improving and expanding their potential for innovative, conceptual, critical and creative thinking.

“I believe Dr de Bono’s work in teaching people to think may be the most important thing happening in the world today.” George Gallup

“If you haven’t heard of Edward de Bono or of Lateral Thinking, perhaps you have been too busy thinking in conventional ways.” Forbes Magazine