Donna Hanson

Donna Hanson

‘The Technology Translator’; Technology Commentator, Ch 9’s A Current Affair

Lunchtime workshop:
‘How technology and creativity can grow or blow your business’ (November 17, 1.25 – 2.25pm)

She turns computer techno babble into everyday language we can all understand.
A regular on Channel 9’s A Current Affair as their Technology Commentator, Donna has the knack of being able to cut through the jargon and identify what you need to know to get ahead and stay ahead in technology.


Are your competitors getting the jump on you with technology?
Does technology seem to change faster than you can blink?
Sticking your head in the sand and hoping technology will go away just doesn’t cut it.

This session is a MUST to bring you up to speed with how technology could be blowing your business, and how to get creative and do something about it! In this presentation, Donna will cover 5 low to NO COST ways you can TURBO charge your business by using technology creatively