Dr Edward de Bono

Dr Edward de Bono

World leading authority in the field of creative thinking, the inventor of Lateral Thinking

Afternoon Master Class: ‘Creative thinking and leadership’ (November 16, 9.30am – 12.30pm)
‘Creative thinking and leadership – the only way forward’ (November 18, 3.40pm)

Edward de Bono is regarded as the global leading authority in the field of creative and conceptual thinking. An MD, PHD and Rhodes Scholar, he has authored 72 books in 41 languages. His instruction in thinking has been sought by major corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Shell, Prudential, GM, Ford, and Citicorp to name a few. His work is in use in thousands of schools worldwide, and mandatory on the curriculum in some countries.

He is the originator of the term ‘Lateral Thinking’ and the very popular “Six Thinking Hats” framework. Based on an understanding of how the brain works as a self-organising information system, Edward de Bono has designed specific thinking tools to maximize the creative process.


  • De Bono was appointed EU Ambassador for Thinking for the European Union Year of Creativity 2009 and he became the first ‘Professor of Thinking’ in the world for University of Pretoria.
  • In the recent past the Australian cricket team has retained de Bono as a consultant to enhance their skills.
  • The World Association of Management Consulting Firms awarded de Bono with the “Carl Sloane Award” for having contributed the most in the field of business thinking in 2005.
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