How to Become a Partner

For enquiries and to confirm a partnership, please contact us ASAP at

Innovation and creativity is a community wide, cross-sector program. In line with these concepts the program will give a limited number of organisations an opportunity to leverage the lead up, access to key speakers and conference activities. Partners will be provided with an opportunity to be profiled with this world class event and receive a host of benefits to enable engagement, conversation and innovation with their teams and clients.

The benefits and how to leverage your partnership

Creative Innovation presents a unique opportunity for organisations to participate, profile and project their own organisation.  Innovative ways in which this may be achieved include:

  1. Identification as Partner for Creative Innovation 2012 –Asia Pacific and further opportunity to develop 3 year partnership. This is a prestigious, high level national and international event for leaders and thinkers across sectors.
  2. Positioning your organisation as a partner of Ci brings profiling in the program (at various levels) and the communications of Ci.  There was over $900,000 of advertising and media spend last year for the Conference.
  3. Profile your organisation through the media launch of Ci in June/July 2012.
  4. Project your organisation on an ongoing basis through the months before and after Ci in the various Ci produced e-mail and social media communications.
  5. Develop and publish thought pieces and articles on innovation in newsletters, social media and web e-news leveraging off the speakers and thoughts that will be published through the year by Ci and post event.
  6. Profile your organisation as an innovation contributor in Australia through the use of your own e-mail and social media networks.
  7. Utilise Ci podcasts, excerpts and thoughts from past years in the development of your organisation’s culture and greater innovation profile and results in the coming year.
  8. Incentivise your staff individually or through teams by way of rewards/scholarships for Ci for implementable innovations that occur during the months leading up to the event.
  9. Engage and reward your clients by offering guest places at Ci through your organisation in recognition of key innovative approaches that they take or in their other positive dealings with your organisation.
  10. Select and engage key Australian-based speakers from our list for presentations, luncheons, seminars or events leading up to Ci in order to more deeply engage with your clients and position your organisations.
  11. Engage international speakers for their attendance at similar events when in Australia around the Ci event period.  Their impact may be extended by useful media features during that period.
  12. Run your own Innovation Day or Week or event to coincide with Ci in November.
  13. By participation in Ci, project the importance of innovation and empower your staff so that innovation is seen as important through your whole organisation, from top to bottom.
  14. Utilise Ci and its content in an ongoing manner after Ci to further develop your organisation’s culture and profile for greater creativity innovation profile and results in the coming year.
  15. Creatively think up other ways your organisation may best develop its profile and innovative activities by leveraging off Ci’s content or processes.

Overall there are a myriad of ways that make Ci extend beyond the simple sponsorship of a conference and attending it on the days in November.  We do hope that you use your best creative thoughts to develop these and further innovative approaches to enhance your organisation and help develop a more innovative society.

“Leadership is imagination plus courage.”  Paul Keating

There are a limited number of partnership opportunities available for this event

In addition, in-kind supporting and NFP partnerships are available. We are also developing partnerships for accommodation, food and travel for presenters, technical production, performers, media, charities etc.

Endorsing partnerships are available for membership organisations.

Alternatively, we’re more than happy to tailor a package based on your particular requirements.

To receive a partnership prospectus please contact: Tania de Jong AM or Brooke Howden on +61 (0)3 8679 6000 or email

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