Strategic Diagnosis and Actions

Professor Richard Rumelt (USA)

Richard Rumelt is the Harry and Elsa Kunin Professor of Business & Society at UCLA, a graduate school of business and management. He was voted to be one of the “Top 50 Business Thinkers” in the world (rank 20 in 2011) by the Thinkers50 program, sponsored by the Harvard Business Review and McGraw Hill.

28 November (2.30pm – 5.30pm) including afternoon refreshments

In this workshop, participants learn about good diagnosis and practice diagnosing strategic issues facing a number of firms. Using real-world example, Professor Rumelt leads participants though the pitfalls and avenues of diagnosing strategic situations, with an emphasis on identifying keystone issues that are both critical and actionable. The workshop then addresses the issue of strategic action, providing examples and exercises on the identifications of proximate objectives and the design of coherent action plans.

This Executive Workshop session will illustrate how top executives can actually break the bad-strategy habit. The main topics covered will be these: