The Change Lab: solving complex social problems through design thinking

Leigh Gassner & Steve Atkinson

Steve Atkinson and Leigh Gassner are partners in Reos Partners, Melbourne. Reos Partners is an international organisation dedicated to supporting and building capacity for innovative collective action in complex social systems.

28 November (9.00am – 12.00pm) including morning refreshments

This Master class will show how the Change Lab, a participatory, creative, systemic, and action-oriented process used globally by Reos Partners, can tackle the toughest local and global challenges through transforming social systems. Globally we are being challenged to transform complex social systems through innovative and sustainable action that realises our aspirations and hopes of actually making a difference.

By using systems thinking in Change Labs this Masterclass will expose participants to how:

Global case studies of the Change Lab and related social change experience will also be discussed.