International Leaders

Baroness Susan Greenfield

Baroness Susan Greenfield (UK)

Scientist, writer, broadcaster, Director of the Institute for the Future of the Mind

Geoff Mulgan

Geoff Mulgan (UK)

Chief Executive of NESTA, the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts

Iain McGilchrist

Dr Iain McGilchrist (UK)

Author: The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

Nadia Rosenthal

Professor Nadia Rosenthal (UK)

Leader in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine

Adam Kahane (Canada)

Partner in Reos Partners, Innovation in Complex Social Systems.

Michael T. Jones (USA)

Chief Technology Advocate, Google

Wade Davis (USA)

Anthropologist, Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society

Dr Thomas Frey (USA)

Executive Director and Senior Futurist at DaVinci Institute

Corporate Leaders and Organisational Experts

Michael Rennie

Michael Rennie

Managing Partner McKinsey & Company

Steve Vamos

Steve Vamos

President, Society for Knowledge Economics; Non Executive Director, Telstra, Medibank and David Jones

Dr Megan Clark

Dr Megan Clark

Chief Executive, CSIRO

Professor Richard Rumelt (USA)

UCLA Chair in Business and Society, global leader on strategy

Bernard Salt

National Partner for KPMG Demo Group; Writer and Columnist

Incredible Innovators and Technologists

Scott Anthony

Scott Anthony (Singapore)

Managing Director of Innosight Asia-Pacific, expert on disruptive innovation

Ruslan Kogan

Serial Entrepreneur, Pioneer online retail, Founder and CEO of Kogan.com

Professor Silviu Itescu

Managing Director and CEO, Mesoblast, the regenerative medicine company

Professor Robin J Batterham AO

President of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

Jason Drew (South Africa)

International business leader; Serial entrepreneur

Michael Harte

Group Executive, Enterprise Services & Chief Information Officer

Philosophers and Humanitarians

Li Cunxin

Li Cunxin

Author: Mao’s Last Dancer

Eric Knight

Eric Knight

Economics consultant; Author Reframe: How to solve the world’s trickiest problems

Outstanding Creativity Connectors



War Horse


Stefan Cassomenos

Stefan Cassomenos

Composer in Residence

Gavin Blake

Graphic Recordist in Residence

Jessamy Gee

Graphic Recordist and Artist in Residence

Tania de Jong AM

Tania de Jong AM

Diva in Residence & Executive Producer

Johanna Featherstone

Poet in Residence

Michael Pope


Leading Chairs and Moderators

Hugh Morgan AC

Hugh Morgan AC

Leading Australian businessman

Sir Gustav Nossal

Sir Gustav Nossal AC

Expert in fundamental immunology

Professor Allan Fels AO

Allan Fels AO

Dean of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Dr Elizabeth Finkel

Leading science journalist

Tim Dalmau

Leading management consultant

Doron Ben-Meir

CEO of Commercialisation Australia

Michael Johnson

CEO, Kokoda Capital Group

Beverley O’Connor

Journalist and Broadcaster; Presenter at ABC; Columnist for Herald Sun

Robyn Williams

Science Journalist; Author and Presenter at ABC

World Class Creativity and Innovation Experts

Professor Richard Rumelt (USA)

UCLA Chair in Business and Society, global leader on strategy

Scott Anthony

Scott Anthony (Singapore)

Managing Director of Innosight Asia-Pacific, expert on disruptive innovation

Dr Amantha Imber

Creativity and innovation psychologist

Charles Kovess

Charles Kovess

Australia’s Passion Provocateur

Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu

Gabrielle Dolan & Yamini Naidu

Global thought leaders on business storytelling

Tim Dalmau & Jill Tideman

Leading management consultants

Andrew & Gaia Grant

Co-authors: Who Killed Creativity…and how to get it back!

Tim Reid

Tim Reid

aka “The Ideas Guy”, leading ideas and marketing expert

Leigh Gassner & Steve Atkinson

Partners in Reos Partners, Melbourne

Agent Provocateurs

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson

Australian public policy commentator

Nicholas Gruen

Nicholas Gruen

CEO and Founder of Lateral Economics

Jodi Cant

General Manager Business Development, Landgate

Brenton Caffin

Founding CEO of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

John Matthews

Coach in Residence

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