Gavin Blake

Graphic Recordist in Residence

Gavin Blake is a world-class Graphic Facilitator with 12 years in the field. He works mainly with ASX 100 companies in Australia, and other high performing companies around the world. Gavin has worked in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia since 1999. His clients range from Government and executive level corporate teams to local community groups and dialogue circles. His team visualize messages and ideas in powerful and engaging ways.

Gavin combines his studies in architecture and fine arts, as well as his years as part of an elite facilitation team to create communication pieces including visual strategies, graphic recording and ‘Quick Draw’ educational animations.

His work is designed to make content richer and increase his client’s potential by unleashing visual learning.
Gavin was Graphic Recorder in residence at the Ci2010 and Ci2011 conferences. He is delighted to be participating in Ci2012.