Jason Drew (South Africa)

International business leader; Serial entrepreneur

Deep Conversation:
‘Now to Next: How will Science and Technology help solve our wicked problems?’ (November 28, 7.00-9.30pm)

From Industrial revolution to sustainability revolution – the business of fixing our future (November 29, 2.30pm)

Jason is an international business leader, serial entrepreneur and former CEO of a JSE listed  business. Following two heart attacks he retired early and became  an eco-entrepreneur and author. He chairs a number of organizations including www.AgriProtein.com, his latest green venture.

Born in London, Jason has studied at the European Business School and has lived and worked all over the world before moving to South Africa eight years ago.

He looks at the environment from the viewpoint of a business leader and entrepreneur – and believes that whilst capitalism may have caused many of the issues we face – it may be the only tool we have that is strong enough to fix the problems.

His insights into the realities of our environment and the ‘business’ of fixing the issues are brilliant and astounding. Some of the business solutions he has invested in from growing flies in South Africa to mosquitoes in the UK and urban wind farms in Europe are as remarkable as they are profitable.

He collects medieval English pewter and contemporary South African art. He enjoys polo, flying and fishing as well as opera and rock. He is married with two boys aged 13 and 14.

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