Michael Harte

Group Executive, Enterprise Services & Chief Information Officer

Technology-led acceleration: passion, creativity and innovation in a corporate environment. (November 30, 9.00am)

Michael is a multi-award winning CIO and business leader who, together with his team, is helping to make the Commonwealth Bank of Australia one of the most respected, customer-focused and technology-leading banks in the world.

Michael is spear-heading a major transition at the Commonwealth Bank, where technology and operational excellence is one of the bank’s key strategic pillars. As a result, the Commonwealth Bank is leading the industry with its core banking modernisation project; is delivering world-class platforms; more agile IT infrastructure, and is innovating across its technology portfolio, from payments to internet banking and mobile apps.

An advocate of open systems, cloud computing and on-demand infrastructure, Michael is always looking at what opportunities and challenges lay ahead for the industry

He is fascinated by trends in social media, mobility and big data and regularly participates in industry discussions on these and other topics.

On the philanthropic front, he supports a number of organisations which use technology to help make a difference in people’s lives.

If he has a personal philosophy, it is to be open-natured and to always be open to possibilities.