Ruslan Kogan

Serial Entrepreneur, Pioneer online retail, Founder and CEO of

Keynote topic:
From Garage to Global: The “Just Do It” attitude to entrepreneurship (November 29, 2.30pm)

Kogan is a privately-owned Australian company established in 2006 by entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan. After completing a Bachelor of Business Systems at Monash University, Ruslan had by the age of 23 worked at the IT departments of Bosch, GE and Telstra, and been a management consultant at Accenture. He started Kogan in his parents’ garage with zero external funding or capital, and has gone on to build one of the fastest growing companies in Australia and is now international with the launch of Kogan in the UK in November 2010.

In just over five years, Kogan has sold over 550,000 products directly to Australian and international customers through its websites, and Kogan is set to record $150m+ in sales in 2011-2012 and remains one of Australia’s fastest growing companies.

Kogan believes technology can make the world a better place, and their goal is to make the latest technology more affordable for everyone. Specialising in LCD and LED TVs, Blu-ray players, digital photo frames, PVRs, digital video cameras, Android powered tablets, laptops, and home appliances, Kogan brings the best

technology direct to consumers at unbeatable prices. By cutting out the middle men and selling direct through and, Kogan is the online store for smart, savvy shoppers. Kogan regularly talk with their customers through the Kogan blog, Facebook, and Twitter, and manufacture products based on these conversations.

Ruslan Kogan is also a partner in another successful online furniture business, / He is the only person ever to have two companies on the BRW Fast Starters list.

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