Are You Ready for the Race to the Future? At the starting line or still getting suited up?

The future is not what it used to be – less certain and coming quicker than at any time in human existence.

How will the next 20 years be dramatically different because of the big demographic, environmental and economic shifts? What do we – as individuals, organisations and communities  – need to prepare ourselves for this race to the future?

There will be fewer formal jobs even in the mega corporations and more entrepreneurs tackling niche opportunities some of which will have global implications. We have to put the eco back into economy and understand that all our creativity needs to be focused on fixing the future to provide food and work for all.

We will face a rapidly changing environment.  Water and food scarcity could change society, break communities and force environmental migration.

Has political power shifted from the politicians to the corporations or the people, or the lobbyists and the media, or others?

Companies and governments will have to move rapidly (and ethically!) and with more consideration of an inclusive society – otherwise we risk our global civilization collapsing as have all regional civilizations before us. How we manage this transition to a new way of being will define the 21st century for humanity.

How do you play your part in this rapidly changing future? What practical choices do you need to consider to both influence and shape the future? What role will you play in this race? Train, coach, run or just watch and pray!!