Are you really worth talking about?

Jon Duschinsky

Jon Duschinsky (Canada)

Jon is an observer, a thinker and a cage rattler. He thrives by constantly looking at the world around him, thinking about it and using these observations to drive new and creative thinking that challenges the status quo. He is the CEO of The Conversation Farm, a global agency that develops ideas to change the way people think about problems.

27 November (2.15pm – 4.15pm) including afternoon refreshments

Today, companies and charities find themselves fighting to sell their products and services in the same way as they have done for the last 40 years – by entertaining us.
And it’s not working.
You cannot out-entertain people anymore. You cannot out-shock them anymore. So how do you communicate your business or your cause? How do you connect with people when the power-base has shifted and they don’t need to listen to you anymore?
In a world dominated by peer-to-peer and social innovation, he will challenge you to look at your business differently and find ways of talking about it that will make others talk about you.

You will leave this session inspired, ready to get out there and understanding: