E 6: Empower, Embrace, Eat, Exercise, Energise, Enrich

Dr Linda Friedland

Dr Linda Friedland

Linda Friedland is an international health expert, medical doctor, television personality, well-regarded international speaker, corporate advisor and a bestselling author. She is an authority on corporate health & wellbeing as well as women’s health, stress management, parenting & lifestyle interventions.

27 November (4.45pm – 6.45pm) including afternoon refreshments

This Master Class focuses on creative ways to enhance your personal health, performance, mental stamina, energy and vitality. Dr Linda Friedland provides you with a blueprint and a plan to take charge of six essential action areas in your life.

Empower: Take charge of your own life, your perceptions, your physical body, your self-image, your relationships, your time and especially your health.
Embrace: Learn to nurture yourself, instead of expecting nurturing from others. Understand how emotional health is at the core of optimal functioning.
Eat: Choose the right food for nutrition, pleasure, mood and mental stamina.
Exercise: Choose and maintain the right exercise program and combination of strategies to maintain great health throughout your life.
Energise: Understand the new Energy & Performance paradigm and incorporate effective stress relief techniques that work for you.
Enrich: Challenge and grow your spiritual muscle. Ensure best ways to live with passion, purpose and a deep sense of meaning.