Ethical leadership for a sustainable future

Tim Dalmau and Jill Tideman

Tim Dalmau and Jill Tideman

Tim Dalmau has worked for the last 34 years as a consultant. He is one of Australia’s foremost management consultants, the author or co-author of an extensive selection of books and other publications. Jill Tideman has 24 years experience in facilitating sustainable change in public and private systems in Australia, the UK and the USA.

27 November (2.15pm – 4.15pm) including afternoon refreshments

This Master Class starts from the proposition that we need to fundamentally re-think the nature of the relationship between organizations and corporations and their social, economic and physical environments. Very few of us on the planet would continue to believe that the world exists for our exploitation, but equally few have a clear picture of what a sustainable future would actually look like; sustainable in social, economic and physical terms.

Nor can many of us articulate clearly whatever pictures of the future we do have would ask of us in terms of change: change on all levels from the most superficial of how we behave through to the who we are as persons, our core identity as individuals.

Far less of us have put together a framework of what both of these conversations might mean for our own leadership of organizations and corporations, and the leadership by others of these same institutions.

You will take away from this Master Class:

Come to this workshop if you are curious, wish to see alternative perspectives, have your thinking challenged and understand what the future will ask of you and other leaders into the future.