HOOKED! Storytelling for Success

Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu

Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu

Gabrielle Dolan & Yamini Naidu are co-founders and Directors of One Thousand & One. They are global thought leaders in storytelling and business communications and co-authors of Hooked:  How Leaders Connect, Engage and Inspire with storytelling.

27 November (4.45pm – 6.45pm) including afternoon refreshments

In this Master Class Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu will inspire you to take control of your own personal race to the future and rule your world.  As ancient Hopi wisdom says ‘The one who tells the stories rules the world’.  Are you ready to rule your world?

Gabrielle and Yamini promise to make you comfortably disturbed as you learn how to connect, engage and inspire through the art of storytelling.  They believe that in your race to the future, stories can save you time, win new clients, help you get that next promotion and communicate your messages in a way people remember and understand.

Key outcomes and topics covered are: