INNOVATE or PERISH – There is no alternative!

Roger La Salle

Roger La Salle

Roger La Salle is a professional engineer, a director of a number of companies and a successful business entrepreneur. Roger developed and documented his special way of thinking, now referred to as Matrix Thinking, in the four books he has now written based on this simple but effective approach.

27 November (2.15pm – 4.15pm) including afternoon refreshments

Learn the secret to business building and how to mitigate the single biggest risk in business.

This is an interactive session that will have you thinking on your feet, innovating, finding a new understanding of business. Why people buy things and how business works. You will come to embrace and understand the one single biggest risk in business.

It is guaranteed that somebody in this session will conceive a patentable new product or service less than 4 seconds once the challenge is laid down and the methodology applied. And the material is takeaway for you to use at your leisure to build your business.

Key outcomes: