Lss=mr (Less is beautiful)

Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven (Belgium)

Cyriel in 21 words: an International speaker, Master of Interaction, 21Lobsterstreet, Knight of NOW, inspirator, author, human being, brainstormsessions, large groups, creativity, improvisation, interaction, timespiration, present.

27 November (4.45pm – 6.45pm) including afternoon refreshments

This Master Class focuses on an under-exposed topic in the domain of creativity and innovation. Normally the new ideas and implementation get all the attention but we forget that we also need to create ‘time and space’ to allow these new innovations to get born.

Everybody knows the expression ‘Less is more’ but applying it in your daily life is quite challenging. We live in a society with an abundance of products and services, connections, technologies and information but a downside is that we almost get paralysed by the choices and possibilities (burn-outs, stress and less and less time for the really important things in life).

This Master Class will give you insights in the exaggerated search for efficiency and the paradox of choice. Get inspired by loads of examples from very different industries and learn how you can apply three simple principles to experience ‘less is more’:  start to stop, simplify and letting go. We will apply these principles to your own challenges.