Gabrielle Dolan & Yamini Naidu

Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu

Global thought leaders on business storytelling

Master Class:
‘HOOKED! Storytelling for Success’ (November 27, 4.45-6.45pm)

Co-founders and Directors of One Thousand & One; Global thought leaders in storytelling and business communications; Co-authors of Hooked:  How Leaders Connect, Engage and Inspire with storytelling.

Gabrielle Dolan is co-founder and Director of One Thousand & One. She has worked as an independent business management consultant and has held various senior management roles at the National Australia Bank. Her hands-on experience of the challenges organisations face in communicating effectively led her to the power of organisational storytelling.

Gabrielle has had extensive experience in the finance industry, agricultural, manufacturing and not-for-profit sectors. She has held various roles in change management, learning and development and project management. This background puts her in an ideal position to provide expertise on the various applications of organisational storytelling.

Gabrielle’s current academic qualifications include a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Swinburne University and an Associate Diploma in Education and Training from the University of Melbourne.

Yamini Naidu is co-founder and Director of One Thousand & One. She has extensive corporate experience and has worked in a range of industry sectors with senior industry leaders, key stakeholders and company boards.

Yamini is the Vice President of ElNet (Elearning Network of Australasia) and has taught leadership and management at RMIT University. This passion, experience and knowledge in learning, e-learning, management and leadership studies are now being directed to organisational storytelling.

She has a Master’s degree in Economics from Bombay University and a Master’s degree in Personnel Management from the London School of Economics and further qualifications in Education and Training from the University of Melbourne.

To satisfy her thirst for continual learning she is also undertaking swimming and Bollywood dancing lessons, although not at the same time.

Twitter: @GabrielleDolan1
Twitter: @yamini1001