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Hot Spots

Tuesday 8 November 2.00pm – 2.45pm

  1. Dr Daniel Kraft (USA)
    The Future of Health & Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?
  2. Jane King
    How to surface traditional constraints
  3. Michelle Simmons
    How does my organization keep ahead of the computing curve?
  4. Janet Sernack
    Generating discovery with disruptive questions
  5. Kirsten Dunlop & Felicity Nelson plus students
    As many as six impossible things before breakfast – an intergenerational conversation about inventing the future
  6. Paul Duldig
    Values-based leadership in times of change
  7. Andrew Stead
    Applying the lessons of start-ups to drive corporate innovation
  8. Ramez Naam (USA)
    Exponential Disruption and Exponential Organizations
  9. Corinne Canter
    Monkeys on roller skates! Thinking outside our boxes
  10. Tim Ferris
    Top three emotional dysfunctions – at best ruining your creativity; at worst ruining your life
  11. Andrew & Gaia Grant
    Surviving The Innovation Race: 4 leadership culture change strategies using the unique polar positioning technique
  12. Martin Ford (USA)
    AI and the future of work
  13. Lenore Miller & Karlie Cremin
    What if pigs could fly? – suspending disbelief to make room for innovation
  14. Andrew Johnson
    What does success look like when you are aiming to improve innovative capability in your organization
  15. Jon Yeo
    3 Pillars of Great Communication
  16. Janna McCann
    How do you instil innovation behaviors and capabilities within a highly traditional, risk-averse organization?

Wednesday 9 November 1.30pm – 2.10pm

  1. Scott Anthony (Singapore)
    Preparing for paradox: how to get ready to confront the challenges of constant change
  2. Prof. Stephen Heppell (UK)
    The funding model for learning is broken, how else might we pay for it?
  3. Assoc. Prof. Rufus Black
    The importance of place in a virtual age
  4. Erik Hallander & Samantha Sterling
    Unpacking the potential impact of chatbots
  5. Ditta Zizi
    2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap
  6. John Stanhope
    Energizing our Intellectual Capacity…turning our ideas into enterprise
  7. Dr Alex Zelinsky
    Think BIG and Make it HAPPEN
  8. Hiroshi Ishiguro (Japan)
    What can we learn from very human-like robots & androids?
  9. Patrycja Slawuta (USA)
    The Art & Science of Mindhacking: How can we hack, rewire and upgrade our psychological OS – psychologist’s guide
  10. Renee Hindmarsh
    Inspiring Entrepreneurs on Campus and Beyond
  11. Ben Thomas and Kathy Coultas
    Victorian Connected Cities
  12. Charles Kovess
    Handling the challenges of converting your passion into exponential income stream
  13. Abigail Allwood (USA)
    Journey to Mars: will SpaceX beat NASA? Sending humans to Mars is an amalgamation of grand challenges that will likely take decades to overcome. Is it a job better suited to private industry or government agency?
  14. Steve Vamos
     Having difficult conversations
  15. Dr Elizabeth Eastland
    Making room for serendipity: The power of embracing creative chaos
  16. Rose Verspaandonk
    Is the Australian workforce prepared for the Future of Work?
  17. Debra Bordignon
    The Assets of an exponential organization, aka the Digital Social Balance Sheet