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How to Become a Partner

We would like to invite you to partner with us.

For enquiries and to confirm a partnership, please contact us ASAP at / /

The Ci Partnership program provides a unique opportunity to be profiled with this world class event and receive a host of benefits to enable engagement, conversation and innovation with your team and clients. Creative Innovation presents a unique opportunity for organisations to participate, profile and project their own organisation.

Creative Innovation Global offers its partners unparalleled access and exposure to influential thought leaders from around the globe across multiple industry sectors.Some of the benefits include:

  • Profile building as an innovative organisation through massive media and social media coverage
  • Showcase your thought leadership as part of our HOT SPOT program
  • Outstanding opportunities to reward and incentivise innovation via places/scholarships to the event for your leaders and emerging talent, and co­-create the future with your stakeholders and clients with places to the event
  • Engage and reward your clients and co-create the future with them by offering guest places at Creative Innovation Global in recognition of key innovative approaches that they take or in their other positive dealings with your organisation.
  • Opportunity to engage our international speakers for keynotes, workshops and other special events with your teams, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Engaging your staff and stakeholders in new and existing innovation projects and creative thinking by participation in Creative Innovation Global. Innovation will be seen as a priority through your whole organisation, from top to bottom.
  • Further develop your organisation’s culture and profile for greater innovation and results in the coming year by utilising Creative Innovation Global content and connections in an ongoing manner after Ci.

Our partners use this leading innovation event in a myriad of innovative ways to gain maximum leverage. We look forward to hearing from you.

For enquiries and to confirm a partnership, please contact us ASAP at / /