Making transformation happen – the breakthrough capabilities of successful transformative innovation leadership

Janet Sernack

Janet Sernack is the Founder, CEO & Chief Catalyst of ImagineNation™ a generative and provocative innovation training company using the latest technology and thought leadership to enable people and organizations to develop innovation agility by cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation mindset

7 November 2016, 4:15pm – 6.45pm (incl. afternoon tea)


In a recent Quarterly Magazine “Management intuition for the next 50 years” McKinsey & Co described the existential challenges facing the business world and mandated a new paradigm for transformative innovation leadership:
“Emerging on the winning side in this increasingly volatile world will depend on how fully leaders recognize the magnitude – and the permanence – of the coming changes and how quickly they alter long-established intuitions”.

Janet Sernack will explore with you what transformative innovation leadership means by introducing the 7 key breakthrough capabilities leaders in organizations need to cultivate and apply in practical ways, to thrive within the range of unprecedented challenges (and opportunities) confronting them globally. This interactive discussion will draw on Janet’s 25 years of experience in organizational learning and development with some of Australasia’s and Israel’s top 100 companies.

You will learn: