Switch on your SuperMind!

Corinne Canter

Corinne Canter is a consultant with Human Synergistics Australia, experts in defining the connection between thinking-behaviour and performance.  She led the  Extreme Thinking Research Program  and co-created the technique to access Supermind. She is co-Author of In Great Company,  demonstrating how to leverage culture to improve business performance.

7 November 2016, 9am – 11.30am (incl. morning tea)


Overwhelmed by sheer volume and the speed of data in our day to day, most of us try to do our best thinking on the run. Under this kind of pressure our brains can go into overload and thinking becomes scattered, foggy or fragmented, making it difficult to think let alone be creative!

How awesome would it be to flick a switch during those moments to turn on the parts of your mind that are expert at solving complex problems creatively? This workshop will show you how to do just that.

Through a simple sequence of practices called “Extrem3e Thinking®”, anyone can learn how to tap into the power of their SuperMind. So called because it is the state of mind we enter just before we experience those ‘Aha!’ (or ‘lightbulb’) moments that transform stale, predictable responses into refreshing, inspired solutions.

You will learn: