The Innovation Race: How to create a culture that supports sustainable and purposeful innovation

Andrew and Gaia Grant

Andrew & Gaia Grant

As Directors of Tirian International Consultancy, Andrew and Gaia Grant have assisted Fortune 500 companies with building a culture that supports creative thinking and innovation for more than 20 years. They are the authors of The Innovation Race and Who Killed Creativity? published by Jossey Bass.

7 November 2016, 2:15pm – 4.45pm (incl. afternoon tea)


Economists estimate that 50-80% of economic growth comes from innovation and recognize innovation as an important potential factor in dealing with global challenges – yet how often do we stop to think about how and why we innovate?

This session is a fascinating global expedition to learn about innovation across cultures, and to identify how to transform to a culture to sustainable and purposeful innovation. Fast-paced engaging activities and humor are blended with deep social and anthropological research, with profound implications for facing contemporary challenges. Along the way participants discover the enduring cultural traits that foster true creative thinking and innovation.

You will learn: