They Make It Look Easy: Secrets of Pro Speakers to create memorable talks

Jon Yeo

Jon Yeo

Jon Yeo is a an executive speaker coach specialising in short talks that need to have impact working with organisations like NAB, Sportsbet, Auspost and MYOB. He is also the License Holder and Curator for TEDxMelbourne, one of the largest and longest running TEDx’s in the world

7 November 2016, 4:15pm – 6.45pm (incl. afternoon tea)


Many speakers understand how to develop and memorise their talk. Very few have a framework for mastering their talk that reliably connects with the audience. Jon will be presenting a framework that is flexible and still delivers impact. This framework has been used by professional speakers, sales people, CEOs and various TEDx events all over the world.

You will learn:

This talk is for executives, entrepreneurs and leaders who need to quickly deliver messages that are engaging and memorable.