Jessamy Gee

Jessamy Gee

Graphic Recordist and Artist in Residence

Jessamy Gee is a Graphic Recorder and Illustrator, working with a broad scope of clients from non-profits and schools to large corporations, leadership teams, and government.

Jessamy specialises in the live capturing of content and concepts for her clients, and presents it in a way that is both a meaningful summary and aesthetically beautiful.

By working on whiteboards, photographing her work and colouring digitally, Jessamy is able to produce deliverables for her clients that are slick, vibrant, and tailored to their brand and specific requirements.

For as long as she can remember, pen and paper have been Jessamy’s favourite tool, toy and weapon. Growing up in an artistically-talented family, weekend games of Pictionary were high-stakes – and whoever drew the short straw and was partnered with Dad had an additional challenge on their hands (the only artistically-challenged member of the family, he famously once drew an elephant without a trunk).

When considering her future after finishing school in 2002, Jessamy clearly remembers saying to her Mum “I just want to draw pictures and have people pay me for it!”, which seemed like a wild, wonderful dream at the time.

After many forays into various creative areas including music and artist management, community and disability arts, freelance design, and portraiture – in 2010 Jessamy found her calling.

Graphic Recording combines Jessamy’s love for drawing (and Pictionary) with her learnings around the importance of effective communication, having worked with a broad range of personalities and backgrounds over her working life. From her first attempt she was hooked, and never looked back.

In 2011 Jessamy launched her business Think in Colour, specialising in Graphic Recording, illustration and video as creative tools for communication, comprehension and engagement.

Since then, she has worked all over Australia and the world for a diverse range of clients, including NAB, Commonwealth Bank, City of Melbourne, The Rockefeller Foundation, Origin Energy, World Vision, Ernst & Young, AECOM, KPMG, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, TEDx, Creative Innovation, Volunteering Victoria, Naked Communications, and many more.

Twitter @JessamyG_draws