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Why Ci2016?

Who Will Attend?

This event is for future­-shaping leaders seeking an Asia Pacific and global perspective.

It is also for anyone who wants to use the latest knowledge and future forecasts in the field of leadership, education, science, technology, creativity and innovation.The learnings and strategies offered will assist in your work and life and will inspire you to think differently and improve individual, team and organizational performance.

Delegates are expected to comprise of 60% Victorian, 30% interstate and 10% international.

  • Change-makers, policy makers, activists, influencers, innovators, provocateurs, business advisers, industry, community and government leaders who want to make a difference
  • CEOs and senior executives (including CIOs, COOs, Chief HR, EGMs, Chief Innovation, Corporate Affairs, R&D, etc.) of major corporations looking for insights into organizational performance and future trends
  • Board Directors, entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Thought leaders and provocateurs seeking change
  • Executive and organizational coaches
  • Organization development consultants
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Principals and consultants in the education and health fields
  • HR professionals
  • Human performance consultants, trainers and facilitators
  • Educators, K-12 and tertiary
  • Not-for-profit and CSR professionals
  • Leaders and managers in any field wanting to make a difference
  • Media, artists and performers.

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