Creative Innovation 2017 (Ci2017)

Deep Conversation

Human Intelligence 2.0 – Thriving in the Age of Acceleration

Deep Conversation over Lunch (12:00 –2:00pm)

Grand Ballroom, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

Featuring key speakers including:

  • Brian Forde (USA),
  • Patrycja Slawuta (USA),
  • Raymond McCauley (USA),
  • Zenia Tata (India),
  • Neil Harbisson (USA)
  • and the audience.

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“Things are getting better and better and worse and worse, faster and faster, simultaneously.”
Tom Atlee

Never before has one species been able to conquer or impact so many elements on Earth so dramatically. We are accelerating into the future. The rate of change continues to astonish us, and the awesome power of human ingenuity enables us to make what was once consigned to the pages of science fiction novels reality.

But, the increased progress is creating a parallel sense of existential dread. Are we the masters of our future? Will we set the direction for the economy and the environment? Will we set out the nature of the ethical society we want to live in? Or will events and mistakes overtake us?

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