Creative Innovation 2017 (Ci2017)

Hot Spots

Tuesday 14 November (2:00 – 2:40pm)

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  1. Neil Harbisson (USA), Artist, Cyborg Activist & Cybernetics Expert
    To be or not to be a cyborg
  2. Raymond McCauley (USA), Chair Biotech Track, Singularity University
    Ask me Anything about Biotechnology. And what’s with all these biohackers, anyway?
  3. Jon Yeo, Executive Speaker coach, Licensee and Curator, TEDxMelbourne
    How leaders can quickly connect and engage with their teams or clients
  4. Gaia Grant, Director, Tirian International Consultancy
    What is your Innovator Profile? Are you innovation ready?
  5. Jessamy Gee, Graphic Recorder & Illustrator, Think In Colour
    Listening & Visual Note-taking – getting the most out of your conference


  1. Rachel Audigé, Speaker, Facilitator, Innovation Architect, Systematic Inventive Thinking Australia
    What’s in your innovation toolbox? Do you know what is blunt and what is working?
  2. Stephen Scott Johnson, Expert in Brand and Culture Transformation
    Ripple Science – how to ignite purpose and generate profitable, sustainable growth
  3. Glenys Robinson, Sector Manager , Digital Technology & ICT, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
    Building links between students and employment


  1. Zenia Tata (India), Executive Director, Global Development & International Expansion, XPRIZE
    “What do YOU prize?” Xprize-related, interactive session on how to use prizes to solve global issues
  2. Yvette Montero Salvatico & Frank Spencer (USA), Principals, Kedge a Global Strategic Design, Foresight & Creativity Consultancy
    Mindset 2.0 – How to Unlearn and Relearn in the Age of Acceleration
  3. Steve Vamos, Non-Executive Director, Venture Investor, Business Advisor & Speaker
    How to have the hard conversations that enable change
  4. Jane King, Deputy Commissioner, Design and Change Management, Australian Taxation Office
    If only 20% of people will be in paying jobs – how do we fund schools, hospitals etc. or are they now not required?

Wednesday 15 November (1:30 – 2:10pm)

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  1. Scott Anthony (Singapore), Managing Partner, Innosight
    Breaking the Addiction to Business as Usual
  2. Dr Pradeep Philip, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
    Re-inventing the public sector – a democratic imperative
  3. Professor Kim Rubenstein, Australian National University, College of Law
    What will citizenship look like in the 22nd century?
  4. Paul Duldig, Head of University Services, University of Melbourne
    LISTEN UP! – Co-creation with customers in a large bureaucracy
  5. Andrew Grant, Director, Tirian International Consultancy
    Who Killed Creativity?… And how can we get it back?
  6. Cara Richardson & Louise Karch, Executive Creative Director, Saltree
    Naming for Profit: How to find your million-dollar brand name and bring it to life


  1. Aleksandra Przegalinska, PhD (USA), Artificial Intelligence Expert; Reserach Fellow, Centre for Collective Intelligence, MIT
    The near future of AI – threat or hope?
  2. John Stanhope, Chairman, Australia Post & AGL; Chancellor, Deakin University
    Creating Jobs in the Future
  3. Dr Paul Gaertner, Research Leader Decision Sciences, Department of Defence – DST Group
    Implementing the Innovation Pipeline
  4. Michael Alf, Founder, H.P.D.A
    High Performance in the Digital Age – how you can prepare yourself for risks and opportunities in the fast changing world.


  1. Neil Kavanagh, Chief Science & Technology Manager, Woodside Energy
    Innovation challenges in the industrial world of oil & gas
  2. Kara Bombell, Head of Operations, Isobar
    Organisational Automation
  3. Sergio Brodsky, Head of Strategy at Initiative
    The role of culture in times of exponential change
  4. Christina Gerakiteys, Creativity & Innovation Expert; Founder, Ideation at Work
    Design Thinking and The Art of Being Customer Centric
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“Remarkable, mind blowing, brilliantly choreographed – easily the best conference ever and I’ve been to plenty. Truly wonderful and amazing.”

Jim Grant, Partner, Dattner Grant

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Craig Carolan, Director Private Wealth, ANZ

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Paul Duldig, University of Melbourne