Blockchain: Bringing power to the people, and how that impacts the future of your business

Brian Forde (USA)

Brian Forde has spent more than a decade at the nexus of technology, entrepreneurship, and public policy. He is currently the Director of Digital Currency at the MIT Media Lab where he leads efforts to mainstream digital currencies like Bitcoin through research, and incubation of high-impact applications of the emerging technology such as Blockchain.

13 November 2017, 9:00am – 11:30am (including morning tea)

About the Master Class:

Bitcoin, and the underlying technology that powers it, blockchain, were built
for people, not companies or governments. As a result, dominant technology companies that disrupted old incumbents have the potential for being disrupted by a blockchain-based future. How might the disrupters be disrupted and how will this impact your business? In this interactive workshop MIT Senior Lecturer Brian Forde will walk you through how new, blockchain based technology is being developed, and give concrete example of how it will impact a variety of industries, from hospitality to healthcare, and what you need to do prepare for a blockchain-based future.