Emotional Data: What is it and how to use it well

Aleksandra Przegalinska (USA)

Ph.D. in philosophy of artificial intelligence, Assistant Professor at Kozminski University, currently Research Fellow at the Center for Collective Intelligence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. Recent visiting scholar at The New School for Social Research/ Brown University in New York City (2014).

13 November 2017, 2:15pm – 4:45pm (including afternoon tea)

About the Master Class:

Artificial intelligence is a thriviling field with various potential applications in big data analysis, fintech, customer solutions, IoT and so many others. During the Master Classes Aleksandra will focus on affective/emotional data. This is an emerging field in AI that quite often tells us more about consumers than what they declare. We will use case-studies of existing affective data applications coming both from start-ups and the academic world, and learn how to design proper methodologies for collecting the data. We will not only take into account existing and future hardware and software capabilities, but also ethical considerations related to using such sensitive data. Aleksandra will also share her current research projects including human-machine interaction and wearable technologies where a lot of psychophysiological data is collected to improve the quality of interaction and features of devices.

You will learn: