Harnessing your Superintelligence

Raymond McCauley (USA)

Raymond is: Chair of Digital Biology at Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think tank devoted to training leaders about exponential technologies; Co-founder and Chief Architect for BioCurious, the hackerspace for biotech, a not-for-profit where professional scientists, DIYbio hobbyists and entrepreneurs come together to design the next big thing to come out of a Silicon Valley garage; Part of the team that developed next generation DNA sequencing at Illumina, where he worked in bioinformatics, cancer sequencing, and personal genomics.

13 November 2017, 2:15pm – 4:45pm (including afternoon tea)

About the Master Class:

Use these lessons learned from biotechnology and the biohacking underground to keep up better with a world in a state of permanent technology revolution.

You will learn to: