What the robots can’t do… Listening and visual note taking basics for humans

Jessamy Gee

As one of Australia’s leading Graphic Recorders, Jessamy Gee has developed a unique skill set in listening, synthesising, capturing and communicating information visually.

13 November 2017, 4:15pm – 6:45pm (including afternoon tea)

About the Master Class:

In a world of data, automation, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality… our “human-ness” is one of our greatest assets.

What were once thought of as “soft skills” – emotional intelligence, critical thinking, problem solving, empathy, and of course – listening and communication – are now key to finding success in a future where the only certainty is change.

The best way to future-proof ourselves is to start investing in these skills. We need to take the time to learn to listen well, and consider how to use our sweet human skills to capture and communicate important information in a way that cuts through today’s info overload.

In this Master Class we explore how to be better at communicating as a human. How to listen with purpose (not wait to talk), and use the power of visuals to take notes that help you to engage with & understand what you’re hearing, connect to it on both a logical and emotional level, and remember stuff six times better than if you were using words alone.

You will learn: