Ricky Gopinath

Ricky Gopinath


Ricky Gopinath is recognised in Australia as an outstanding musician, gifted
with an exquisite voice, having trained for many years in India by a leading
musical Maestro Suresh Wadkar in Classical Indian music.

As a young child, Ricky performed in concerts and ceremonies in India,
singing ancient classical songs and chants to an audience of thousands on a
regular basis. He is known for his innate ability to capture and engage an
audience bringing them to a point of stillness and a sense of peaceā€¦


Indian classical music is renowned for its aesthetic beauty in the melodies;
the music is intricate and stems from pure sounds.

Ricky also collaborates with other musicians and enjoys improvising and
adding ambience and diversity to western music. We are delighted to have
Ricky share his voice and gifts at Creative Innovation 2017.

When Ricky is not composing music, he loves to create sumptuous and exotic
plant based food as a Chef and also caters for special events.